Canadian Transcripts

Each entry under the Academic History section of the application must include pdf copies of official, up-to-date, transcripts for all current and previous post-secondary study (see exception for UBC documentation, below). 

  • Note: Grade sheets/records are not transcripts and will not be accepted in lieu of copies of official transcripts.

Uploading transcripts in the application system

Applicants with Canadian transcripts (other than UBC) must obtain an official paper or secure electronic transcript for every post-secondary institution they have attended.  

  • Each transcript should be scanned as an individual .pdf file and then uploaded to the application system as indicated.
  • Refer to any directions provided by the selected graduate program on naming scanned document files. Otherwise, files should be named: "Applicant Full Name-Document Description.extension"

Peng Zhang-University of Waterloo Transcript.pdf
Peng Zhang-CV.pdf
Peng Zhang-Journal of Neurosciences Paper.pdf

  • Transcripts must be scanned front and back.
  • All pages of a transcript must be uploaded as a single file (rather than a separate file for each page).
  • The online application system provides additional, detailed directions on scanning and uploading of documentation.

After Being offered Admission

Conditional admission offers are made based on documents uploaded to the application system. Once an offer of admission is received: 

  • A list of required transcripts will be posted in the applicant's online portal.
  • G+PS (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) must receive one set of all required official transcripts for every (non-UBC) postsecondary institution attended for the equivalent of one year or more of full-time study.
    • Note: UBC reserves the right to also require any individual applicant to provide official transcripts for study of less than one year duration.
  • UBC transcript exception: Refer to the section for current and former UBC students.
  • Do not send official transcripts before receiving an offer of admission unless special instructions were received from the selected graduate program.
  • Applicants will not be allowed to register in a graduate program until the initial transcript requirements are met. (Covid19: Please refer to the G+PS FAQs)

Official Academic Documents

To be considered official, academic records must either be received in official university envelopes, sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution, or be received via secure electronic delivery from the issuing institution.

Documents being provided to meet conditions of admission should be sent directly to:

Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
The University of British Columbia
170 - 6371 Crescent Rd
Vancouver, BC CANADA  V6T 1Z2

See below for information on meeting the condition of admission with secure electronic documents. 

Current and former UBC students

  • The application to graduate school must be made under the current/former CWL (Campus-wide Login) . Applying with the correct CWL will automatically transfer the UBC record into the application.
  •  Official academic documentation for all other post-secondary institutions attended (e.g., exchange year, transfer year, etc.) will be required for upload into the application.

Document Ownership

Documents submitted in support of applications become the property of the University and are not returned to the applicant or student. Refer to the UBC Academic Calendar statement on ownership of application documents

Applicants are strongly discouraged from sending irreplaceable documents and are advised to follow the instructions for verified copies found under Official Academic Documents, above.

Secure Electronic Delivery

The issuing institution must send a link to a secure site to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) at G+PS will download the transcript from the secure site. Important: an e-transcript is downloaded via a link to a secure site. It is NOT an email attachment of any kind, even if sent from an authority at the issuing institution.

*Due to Covid19 G+PS is temporarily accepting encrypted transcripts sent by email directly from the issuing institution as official.