Mechanical Engineering

Fields of research in Mechanical Engineering include: acoustics; aerodynamics and fluid mechanics; automatic controls; robotics and industrial automation; energy conversion, combustion, thermodynamics and heat transfer; vibrations and space dynamics; solid mechanics; bioengineering and biomechanics; design and manufacturing processes; industrial engineering, fuel cells, micro-electromechanical systems, mechatronics, and CAD; and naval architecture.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Altintas, Yusuf Virtual Machining, Computer Control of Manufacturing Systems, CAD/CAM, CNC Design, High Speed Feed Drive Control, Real Time Interpolation and Trajectory Generation for Machine Tools, Adaptive Control, Sensor Fused Intelligent Machining, Metal Cutting Mechanics, Chatter Vibrations in Machining, Piezo -Actuator Based Precision Machining, High Speed Milling, Optimal Machining of Aerospace Parts, Dies and Molds, Automation, Precision Engineering, Electro Mechanical Systems, Modeling and Analysis of Machining Processes, Mechanics, dynamics and control of micro-machining operations
Bacca, Mattia Solid Mechanics; Adhesion and fracture; Soft materials; Biophysics
Bushe, William Kendal Numerical modelling and mechanical characterisation; Automotive combustion and fuel engineering (including alternative and renewable fuels); Hypersonic propulsion and hypersonic aerodynamics; Aerospace engineering, n.e.c.; Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Combustion; Reacting Flows; Energy Conversion Systems; clean energy
Chiao, Mu MEMS, Micro Sensors, Micro Actuators, BioMEMS, Nanotechnology, Bioengineering, Electronic Packaging, Nanoscience, Energy sources for micro-electro-mechanical systems
Cripton, Peter Trauma / Injuries; Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma; Mechanical Systems; Spinal cord injury; neurotrauma; Traumatic Brain Injury; biomechanics; injury prevention; hip fracture; spine biomechanics
De Silva, Clarence Wilfred Robotics
Elfring, Gwynn Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Complex Fluids, Cell Biomechanics, Capillary Phenomena, Applied Mathematics
Feng, Hsi-Yung Modelization and Simulation; Software (Tools); Machining and Assembling; Milling; Prototyping; Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM); Geometric Modeling; Multi-Axis CNC Machining; Machining Simulation; 3D Laser Scanning; 3D Printing
Frigaard, Ian Fluid mechanics (visco-plastic fluids)
Giang, Amanda Atmospheric Pollutants; Climate Changes and Impacts; Chemical Pollutants; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Public Policies
Grecov, Dana Rheology, Rheometry, Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Liquid Crystals, Biolubricants, Lubricants, Journal Bearings, Multi-Phase Flow, Synovial Joints, Synovial Fluid, Arthrithis, Liquid crystals and nanomaterials, Biofluid Mechanics
Green, Sheldon Fluid Mechanics; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; building ventilation; railroads; papermaking
Hodgson, Antony Bioengineering, Biomechanics, Medical or Surgical Robotics, Medical Engineering, Electoral Reform, Single Transferable Vote, STV, Citizens’ Assembly, Fair Voting
Jaiman, Rajeev Fluid-structure interaction; Computational methods and numerical analysis; Data-driven computing; Model order reduction; Bluff-body flows and flow-induced vibration; Flow control and drag reduction; Multiphase Flows
Jelovica, Jasmin Stress Analysis; Production and Process Optimization; Metals and Alloys; Solid Mechanics; Finite element analysis; Structural optimization; Welding and joining of metals; Sandwich structures; Ultimate, fatigue and impact strength
Jin, Xiao Liang Manufacturing Processes; Solid Mechanics; Manufacturing Processes for Advanced Materials; Vibration Assisted Machining; Machining Mechanics and Dynamics; Surface Integrity; Material Characterization
Kirchen, Patrick Thermochemical Energy Conversion, Combustion, Internal Combustion Engines, Ion Transport Membranes, Emissions, Fuel Injection
Ma, Hongshen Microfluidics; Instrumentation; Cell Sorting; Cell Biomechanics; Circulating Tumor Cells; Malaria and Red Blood Cell Deformability; Single Cell Technologies; Cell Migration and Chemotaxis
Merida-Donis, Walter Clean energy, Electrochemical energy conversion, Thermodynamics, Low carbon fuels, Fuel cells and hydrogen
Nagamune, Ryozo Control System; Servo-Control; Mechatronics; control engineering; robust control; modeling; wind turbine control; solar themal system control; automotive engine control; optimization
Noh, Minkyun Mechatronics; Control System; Electric and Electronic Systems; Servo-Control; Robotics and Automation; Instruments; Machinery; Sensors and Devices; Mechatronic system design; Electric machines and drives; Precision engineering; Magnetic levitation; Magnetic bearings; Bearingless motors; Instrumentation; Robotics; Control; sensors; Actuators
Ollivier-Gooch, Carl Numerical Analysis; Fluid Mechanics; Computer Sciences and Mathematical Tools; Algorithm Development for Computational Fluid Dynamics; Error and Stability Analysis for Unstructured Mesh Methods; Unstructured Mesh Generation; Applied Aerodynamics
Olson, James Application of Physics and Fluid Mechanics to Problems Associated with the Pulp and Paper Industry, Mechanical Energy Reduction in Mechanical Pulping
Oxland, Thomas Spinal Cord Injury, Aging Spine, Orthopaedic Implants
Phani, Srikantha Dynamics of multiscale materials, structures and devices, Applied Mechanics, Micromechanics
Ponga de la Torre, Mauricio Spallation in Metals; Sub-linear scaling methods for calculating crystal defects using DFT;
Rogak, Steven Aerosols (their properties, strategies to minimize their creation and reducing aerosol concentrations where people spend most of their time
Rohling, Robert Medical Imaging, Medical Information Systems, Robotics, Interventional Ultrasound, 3D Imaging, Spatial Compounding, Robotic System Calibration, Elastography, BioMEMS, Biomedical Engineering, Medical imaging and information systems, robetics, ultrasound imaging in 2D and 3D, biomedical technologies
Schajer, Gary Full-Field Optical Metrology, X-Ray CT Log Scanning, Industrial Residual Stress Measurements
Stoeber, Boris Microelectromechanical Systems, MEMS, Microfluidics, Sensor Technology, Biomedical Microdevices, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Microflow Phenomena, Sensor technology, Integrated microsystems for biomedical applications and for environmental control
Van der Loos, Hendrik Rehabilitation Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Design for Safety, Design Methodology and Design Coaching, Roboethics
Wu, Lyndia Biomechanical engineering; Biomedical instrumentation (including diagnostics); Biomedical signal processing; Mechanical characterization (including modeling, testing, and monitoring); Injury biomechanics; Soft Tissue Biomechanics; Traumatic Brain Injury; Sleep Biomechanics; Sensors and Instrumentation; Data Mining and Machine Learning; Wearable Sensing
Zimmerman, Naomi development and application of real-world-based tools to quickly and quantitatively assess the impact of our policy and technology decisions on air pollution and climate outcomes, and to use the knowledge gained to support better environmental policy planning; air quality


Conan Omori

Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering (MASc)

Sakshi Jain

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering (PhD)