Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric Science at UBC offers these areas of graduate research:

  • boundary layers and micrometeorology, including turbulence, urban meteorology, and mountain meteorology
  • numerical weather prediction for transportation, weather disasters, and clean energy (hydro, wind, solar)
  • air pollution, pollutant transport and dispersion, and atmospheric chemistry
  • climate, including climatology, climate variability and prediction, earth system modelling, climate change, glaciers
  • satellite remote sensing, cloud microphysics, aerosols
  • ocean-atmosphere interactions, ocean dynamics
  • biometeorology, including agricultural and forest meteorology, trace gas exchange, carbon cycling, vegetation water use
  • geophysical fluid dynamics
  • machine-learning tools including artificial neural networks, gene-expression programming

Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Allen, Susan Elizabeth Oceans and Inland Waters; Prediction and Climatic Modeling; physical oceanography; coastal oceanography; forecast models; coupled bio-physics and chem-physics and all three models
Austin, Philip global climate; climate change; greenhouse effect; global warming; clouds; lightning; storms, Cloud physics, radiative properties of layer clouds, status cirrus formation, global climate, cloug aerosol feedbacks and climate
Balmforth, Neil Fluid mechanics, nonlinear dynamics and applied partial differential equations
Bertram, Allan Atmosphere (Including Chemical Aspects); Physical and analytical chemistry of atmospheric aerosols
Black, Thomas Andrew Biometeorology; Soil physics; Microclimate modification
Donner, Simon Climate Changes and Impacts; Prediction and Climatic Modeling; Marine Environment; Climate change science; Climate policy; Science communication; Coastal Ecosystems
Giang, Amanda Atmospheric Pollutants; Climate Changes and Impacts; Chemical Pollutants; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Public Policies
Knox, Sara Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes; Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial); Climate Changes and Impacts; Atmosphere (Including Chemical Aspects); Micrometeorology; Biogeochemistry; Hydrology; Ecology; climate change
McKendry, Ian Air pollution Climatology
Pawlowicz, Richard Oceans and Inland Waters; ocean physics; properties of seawater; geophysical fluid dynamics; Nonlinear waves
Radic, Valentina Climate Changes and Impacts; Glaciology; Meteorology; Climate Science
Stull, Roland Meteorology and weather; weather; Meteorology; atmospheric science; numerical weather prediction; clean energy meteorology; storms; transportation weather; forest fire weather; weather disasters; atmospheric boundary layers; aviation meteorology
Waterman, Stephanie Ocean dynamics, Scale interactions, Oceanic processes, Arctic oceanography, Southern ocean dynamics, Western boundary current jets, Geophysical fluid dynamics, jets, eddies & scale interactions
Zimmerman, Naomi development and application of real-world-based tools to quickly and quantitatively assess the impact of our policy and technology decisions on air pollution and climate outcomes, and to use the knowledge gained to support better environmental policy planning; air quality