Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Title Type
Erratico, Claudio Student
Rajput, Padmesh S Student
Wang, Ying Student
Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSc) Program
Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD) Program
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty
Campbell, Jonathon Student Award Holder
James McCormack Researcher
Peter Zed Researcher
Mark Harrison Researcher
Michael Coughtrie Researcher
Colin Ross Researcher
Sandra Jarvis-Selinger Researcher
Peter Loewen Researcher
Urs Hafeli Researcher
Shyh-Dar Li Researcher
Brian Rodrigues Researcher
Abby Collier Researcher
Peter Soja Researcher
Harvey Wong Researcher
Judith Soon Researcher
Guri Giaever Researcher
Ujendra Kumar Researcher
Corey Nislow Researcher
Brian Cairns Researcher
Mary De Vera Researcher
Judy Wong Researcher
Thomas Chang Researcher
Larry Lynd Researcher
Fawziah Lalji Researcher
Adam Frankel Researcher
Mohsen Sadatsafavi Researcher
Helen Mary Burt Researcher
Robert Sindelar Researcher
Annalijn Conklin Researcher
Karla Williams Researcher
Kerry Wilbur Researcher
Brown, Jennifer Student Award Holder
Javed, Sumreen Student Award Holder
Brent Page Researcher
Benbow, Tarique Student Award Holder
Sarah Hedtrich Researcher
Partho Adhikary Researcher
Jacquelyn Cragg Researcher
Patel, Sachi Student Award Holder
Nemir, Arwa Student Award Holder
Ricky Turgeon Researcher
Anil Maharaj Researcher
Hanke, Danielle Student Award Holder
Iliev, Petar Student Award Holder