PSI Announces its 2016-17 Scholars

Pictured are 36 PSI scholars from the first and the second cohorts

Now entering its second year, UBC's Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) welcomes 40 new doctoral students to its network, in addition to the 39 from last year. Congratulations to our 2016-17 scholars! Stay tuned for upcoming PSI events in the fall.

Name Doctoral Program Project Title
Yemi Adeyeye Forestry Exploring the Multi-Scalar Politics and Production of Knowledge in Forest Governance in Bolivia

Ashli Akins

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dismantling Voicelessness: Culturally Significant Art as a Tool to Deconstruct Embedded Racism, Inequity, and Poverty

Evan Bowness

Resources, Environment and Sustainability (Science)

Food Sovereignty, Urban Agriculture and Transformative Food Activism

Laura Bulk

Rehabilitation Science (Medicine)

Being Blind in a Sighted World

Eury Chang

Theatre (Arts)

Beyond Identity Politics: The History of Asian Canadian Theatre (1950-2010)

Mollie Chapman

Resources, Environment and Sustainability (Science)

Agr-"culture" and Biodiversity: Rethinking Payments for Ecosystem Services in Light of Agrarian Values

Beth Clark

Interdisciplinary Studies

Hormone Therapy Initiation for Transgender Youth: Ethical and Shared Decision Making Processes in BC

Tugce Conger

Resources, Environment and Sustainability (Science)

Green Infrastructure as a Resilience Building Tool to Reduce Coastal Flooding Risk

Severn Cullis-Suzuki

Anthropology (Arts)

Multigenerational Language Acquisition of Xaayda kil: Fluency for Self, Family, and Community

Ronald Darvin

Teaching English as a Second Language (Education)

Investigating Social Class and New Literacies of Migrant Filipino Youth in the Knowledge Economy

Emma Feltes

Anthropology (Arts)

The Constitution Express and the Making of Indigenous Rights in Canada

Jamie Fenneman

Botany (Science)

A Critical Taxonomic and Floristic Review of the Plant Family Asteraceae in BC

Sarah Fessenden

Anthropology (Arts)

"We just Wanna Warm some Bellies": Food Not Bombs, Anarchism, and Recycling Wasted Food for Protest

Claire Fogal

Theatre (Arts)

Western Canadian Evolutions of Decroux and Grotowski in Theatre Pedagogy, Practice and Performance

Jocelyn Fraser

Mining Engineering (Applied Science)

From Social Risk to Shared Purpose: Can the Mining Sector Transform Social Responsibility?

Gregory Gan

Anthropology (Arts)

The World in A Suitcase: Experience of Place amongst Transnational Migrants of Russian Emigres

Stephanie Glegg

Rehabilitation Science (Medicine)

Using Social Network Analysis to Advance Knowledge Translation in Pediatric Rehabilitation

Aarthi Gobinath

Neuroscience (Medicine)

Comparison of Pharmacological and Non-Pharamcological Antidepressants in a Rat Model of Postpartum Stress

Laura Guzman Uribe

Zoology (Science)

Understanding the Role of Dispersal and Species Interactions in Bromeliad Macroinvertebrate Communities

Hassan Halawa

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Applied Science)

Artemis: Defending Against Automated Large-Scale Cyber Intrusions by Focusing on the Vulnerable Population

Celestin Hategekimana

Population and Public Health

Strengthening Healthcare System to Improve Health Outcomes in Rwanda

Takuro Ishikawa

Experimental Medicine (Medicine)

Communicating the Safety Benefit of Booster Seats

Lily Ivanova

Sociology (Arts)

Institutionalizing Empathy: The Role of Culture in the Representation and Interpretation of Genocide

Francois Lachapelle

Sociology (Arts)

Two Case-Studies in the Sociology of Late-Modernity Scientific Fields and Academic Mobility

Kyle Loewen

Geography (Arts)

Making and 'Fixing' Logistical Problems: Experimentation and the Restructuring of Last-Mile Logistics

Maggie Low

Resources, Environment and Sustainability (Science)

Indigenous Governance and the Reconcilation Protocol Agreement: Implications for Heiltsuk Nation in Bella Bella, BC

Alicia Luedke

Political Science (Arts)

Women, Peace and Security' in the Twenty-First Century: Armed Groups and Sexual Violence in War

Graham McDowell

Resources, Environment and Sustainability (Science)

Socio-Ecological Adaptation to Hydrological Change in High Mountains

Miranda Meents

Botany (Science)

Building a Model of Golgi Processing through Mapping of Xylan Biosynthesis

Sereana Naepi

Educational Studies (Education)

Indigneous Women's Experiences of Supporting Indigenous Student Success in Higher Education

Stephanie Nakagawa

Opera (Arts)

Canadian Opera Aria Anthology for Soprano

Teilhard Paradela

History (Arts)

Audiences Exposed: Communication and Discipline in the Philippines in the late 20th Century

Chantelle Recsky


Developing a Taxonomy of Technology-Mediated Adverse Events

Emily Rugel

Population and Public Health

Defining Equitable Access to Natural Space as a Mental Health-Promoting Urban Resource

Jaime Semchuck

Educational and Counselling Psychology (Education)

Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives on a School-Based Mental Health Literacy Intervention

Jeremy Stone

Community and Regional Planning (Applied Science)

Gentrification and the Resilence of Low Income Neighbourhoods: Disaster, Displacement and Planning

Evan Taylor

Language and Literacy Education (Education)

Doing Cancer "While Trans*": Biopolitical Intersections of Gendered Embodiment and Cancer Regimes

Bulmaro Valdes Benavides

Biomedical Engineering (Applied Science)

Improving Stroke Therapy through the Use of Robotic Devices and Augmented Feedback

Katie Warfield

Language and Literacy Education (Education)

#TheRealMe: Phenomenology, New Materialism, and Social Media Self-Imaging

Stephen Williams

Resources, Environment and Sustainability (Science)

The Splash and the Ripples: Evaluating the Societal Effects of Social Innovation Lab Processes


Monday, 19 September 2016