Department of Wood Science

The department offers graduate degrees in many fields related to wood science & technology, biotechnology and the forest products industry, processing and business.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Avramidis, Stavros wood physics; momentum, heat and mass transfer in wood; wood dielectrics; wood drying optimization; dielectric heating, drying, phytosanitation; wood thermodynamics; non destructive evaluation; NIR wood species ID; application of neural networks to properties prediction; modeling of wood drying; cell-wall architecture; sorption characteristics of wood
Cool, Julie modelling, wood products, wood science, wood
Cranston, Emily Nanoparticle synthesis, properties and applications; Bio-based materials and nanocellulose; Atomic force microscopy (forces, adhesion, friction, imaging); Colloid and interface science; Polymer chemistry; Cellulose nanocrystals; Bioproducts; Foams, emulsions, aerogels
Dai, Chunping Bamboo; Bio-products; Wood Products; Wood Science; Wood Technology
Ellis, Simon Wood processing and manufacturing, Wood quality, anatomy, wood products processing program
Evans, Philip David Wood anatomy, wood durability, wood products, wood technology
Jiang, Feng bio-based nanomaterials, carbohydrate chemistry, chemistry, sustainability, wood science
Kozak, Robert Antal Forest-dependent communities in transition, international development & poverty alleviation, value-added strategies, forest certification & corporate social responsibility, forest sector sustainability & competitiveness, marketing, management & consumer behaviour
Lam, Frank timber engineering; structural use of wood products, Engineered wood systems
Loss, Cristiano Wood; Timber Engineering; Wood Building Systems; Hybrid Wood-Based Systems; Seismic Design and Analysis of Timber Structures; Industrialised Wood Systems; Engineered Wood Solutions; Wood as Structural Material; Engineering Wood Design
Mansfield, Shawn plant metabolism, cellulose biosynthesis, lignin biosynthesis, wood formation, wood quality, cell wall biochemistry, tree biotechnology, transgenics, Tree biotechnology
Renneckar, Scott Advanced renewable materials, biopolymer structure characterization, Clean fractionation of biomass, Electrospinning Fibers, Nanocellulose, Self-assembly of biopolymers
Rojas Gaona, Orlando Nanopolysaccharides (based on cellulose, chitin, starches and others); Bacterial nanocelluloses; Cellulose derivatives; Lignins, colloidal lignins, nanolignins and their uses; Renewable biopolymers (hemicelluloses, proteins, chitin and chitosan, alginates and others); Multiphase systems (emulsions, foams, dispersed systems), gels, aerogels; Films, filaments and hybrid materials; Nanocomposites; Bioactive systems; Fiber processing; Pulp and paper
Saddler, John Biotechnology, microbiology
Smith, Gregory Engineering, wood products
Sowlati, Taraneh Wood Science, Industrial Engineering in Wood Science
Tu, Qingshi Biomass (Energy); Sustainable Development; Modelization and Simulation; Industrial ecology; Forest biorefineries; Sustainable bioeconomy; Computational modeling; Life cycle assessment; Biofuels and bioproducts; climate change