Department of Physical Therapy

The Department of Physical Therapy is well known for its high standards and excellent faculty. Both our academic faculty and our external faculty are recipients of prestigious teaching awards, providing an excellent learning environment. Our Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) Program has been accredited by Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada.

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Boyd, Lara Motor learning, Plasticity / Neuronal Regeneration , Motor System, Learning, Neurophysiology
Camp, Patricia diagnosis and management of individuals with chronic lung disease, including patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Campbell, Kristin Exercise, cancer prevention, cancer rehabilitation, cancer survivorship, physical activity, biomarkers, energy balance, obesity
Eng, Janice Neurorehabilitation, spinal cord, brain
Guenette, Jordan exercise physiology, respiratory physiology, respiratory diseases, sport performance
Hunt, Michael Anthony biomechanics, rehabilitation, musculoskeletal, physical activity, exercise
Li, Linda Patient help-seeking experiences , Shared decision-making, Patient self-management , E-health & digital media, Rehabilitation and lifestyle interventions in arthritis management , Health services research, Patient engagement, Knowledge translation, Implementation science
Liu-Ambrose, Teresa Healthy Aging, Mobility, Falls, Brain Health
Scott, Alexander musculoskeletal, sports medicine, physiotherapy, physical therapy, orthopaedics
Virji-Babul, Naznin Concussion/mild traumatic brain injury, Developmental disabilities (Down’s syndrome), Developmental neuroscience (mirror neurons, perception-action coupling)