Department of Oral Health Sciences


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Aleksejuniene, Jolanta Theory-based behavioural management, Evidence-based Practice, Caries risk assessment, ePortfolio learning, Oral Epidemiology
Almeida, Fernanda Sleep and Sleep Disorders; oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnea; sleep apnea; diagnosis; edentulism; craniofacial characteristics in sleep apnea
Brondani, Mario Community Health / Public Health; Dental Health; Social Determinants of Health; Health Policies; Quality of Life and Aging; Adult Education and Continuing Education; Epidemiology; Dental Public Health; Health Policy; Dental Education; Dental Geriatrics; Access to care; Qualitative research; Epidemiological data
Bryant, S Prosthodontics, Geriatrics, Patient-based assessments, Oral implants, Jawbone densitometry
Mathu-Muju, Kavita Public Health Dentistry, Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
Mostafa, Nesrine Digital dentistry; tissue engineering options for bone regeneration
Nguyen, Caroline Cancer patient treatment and rehabilitation outcomes; oral side effects of treatments and medications in cancer patients and the elderly
Pigozzo Manso, Adriana Dental adhesive interfaces; Resin dentin bond stability; Color shade in resin composite
Pliska, Benjamin Sleep and Sleep Disorders; Oro-Dental Disorders; Facial growth and development; sleep medicine
Richman, Joy Marion Embryonic Development; Cell Signaling; Congenital Anomalies; Growth Factors; Developmental biology; craniofacial development; Evo-Devo; reptilian tooth development; chicken embryo limb development; orofacial clefting
Tong, Nicholas Geriatric Dentistry, Hospital Dentistry
von Bergmann, HsingChi Ethics and Health; Science and Knowledge; Educational Approaches; Teaching and Learning Systems; Teaching; Education Systems; Decision Making; Scientific Awareness; Epistemology of Education; assessment; PBL; Teacher Beliefs & Identity; Online Teaching and Learning; Professionalism
Vora, Siddharth Oro-Dental Disorders; Craniofacial Biology; Developmental biology; Orthodontics; Cleft lip and/or palate; Tooth development
Wyatt, Christopher Dental disease prevention, oral health promotion
Yen, Edwin H Cellular and tissue response to orthodontic force systems
Zou, Bingshuang Stomatology; TMJ related diseases; Orthodontics; craniofacial development; Cephalometry; Craniomandibular disorders; Facial anomalies; Craniofacial surgery; Digital radiography; Maxillofacial abnormalities; Craniofacial abnormalities; Orthognathic surgery