Department of Forest & Conservation Sciences

From avian ecology to forest genetics to stream ecosystems, our research helps preserve our ecological systems today and beyond.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Aitken, Sally forest genetics, climate change, Climate change, conservation, ecology, genetics, genomics
Arcese, Peter Ecology, Conservation Biology, Evolutionary Biology
Boedhihartono, Agni
Bohlmann, Jorg plant biochemistry, forestry genomics, forest health, conifers, poplar, bark beetle, mountain pine beetle, natural products, secondary metabolites, terpenes, floral scent, grapevine, Conifer genomics Forest health genomics Mountain pine beetle, fungus, pine interactions and genomics Chemical ecology of conifer, insect interactions
Carroll, Allan climate change, mountain pine beetle, bark beetles, forest disturbance, integrated pest management, insect ecology, population dynamics, insect-plant interactions, Climate change, conservation, ecology, ecosystems, forest biology, forest management
Chanway, Christopher Soil microbiology
Daniels, Lori forest plants and trees; forest history; forest management; environmental protection and natural resource use, Climate change, ecology, fire regimes
El-Kassaby, Yousry Applied Genetics, Tree domestication, Seed orchards’ genetics, Tree breeding, Genomics, Conservation
Gergel, Sarah Aboriginal forestry, biodiversity, climate change, communities and livelihoods, conservation, ecology, remote sensing, sustainability
Grayston, Susan Climate change, microbiology, soil science
Guy, Robert
Hinch, Scott salmon migrations, salmon ecology, salmon fisheries, fish conservation, land use impacts (e.g. forestry) on fish and habitat, Salmon, conservation, ecology, fish ecology, fisheries management, stream, and riperian ecology
Krzic, Maja Agriculture, Soil science, Soil science education, Integration of multimedia and soil science
Martin, Tara biodiversity, climate change, climate models, conservation, ecological monitoring, ecology, land-use change, landscape ecology, landscape planning, modelling
Prescott, Cindy Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes, Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Landscape and Restoration, Land and Soil, ecological restoration, soil organic matter, nutrient cycling
Rhemtulla, Jeanine Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Ecological Trends, Landscape and Restoration, Environment Management and Protection, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity, Landscape ecology & spatial analysis, Ecosystem services, Reforestation, Conservation & Poverty Alleviation, Socio-ecological systems, Temperate & tropical forest & agroforestry systems
Richardson, John Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes, Ecological Trends, Fresh Water, Environment and Habitats, ecology, freshwater biology, food webs, streams, forest
Ritland, Kermit statistical genetics, Population genetics, genomics, plant mating systems
Sayer, Jeffrey
Simard, Suzanne forestry silviculture soils mycorrhizae forest ecology, Biodiversity, climate change, conservation, ecology, ecosystems, forest biology, forest management, microbiology, silviculture, soil science, sustainability
Sunderland, Terence
van den Bosch, Matilda
Wang, Tongli climate models, climate change adaptation, ecosystem climate projection, species range projection, assistant migratoin
Wolkovich, Elizabeth