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Theses completed in 2010 or later are listed below. Please note that there is a 6-12 month delay to add the latest theses.

A genetic barcoding system to isolate target clones based on single-cell transcriptomic profiles (2022)

Single-cell transcriptome sequencing and cell lineage tracing technologies have enabled high- resolution mapping of different cell states and trajectories during stem cell maintenance and differentiation. Nevertheless, using such technologies, we are not able to retrieve living clones of the studied cells for further molecular or functional analysis. In this thesis, I describe the development of a technology, scCloneSelect, that enables sorting clones of a target cell state identified by single-cell RNA sequencing through combining cellular DNA barcoding and CRISPR base editing technology. Furthermore, I explore the application of scCloneSelect to study factors underlying different cell fates during stem cell differentiation, reprogramming and maintenance.

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