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Each year graduate students are encouraged to give kudos to their supervisors through social media and our website as part of #GreatSupervisorWeek. Below are students who mentioned this supervisor since the initiative was started in 2017.


Happy #GreatSupervisorWeek #GreatSupervisor #UBC to @SusanForwell @UBCOSOT @UBCmedicine @UBCGradSchool @ubcprez Looking forward to grad May 22nd! Thank-you for your mentorship! Big shout out to my committee @bcmiller1961 @RachelleHole


Thank you to @SusanForwell @UBCOSOT @ubcprez for being such a #GreatSupervisor #UBC. Your mentoring is very much appreciated! Additional thanks to my committee members @bcmiller1961 and Dr. Rachelle Hole @CICUBC for all of your support!



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