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Title Available
On the effect of competition and strategic consumer behavior in revenue management 12 February 2008
Evaluating the error of measurement due to categorical scaling with a measurement invariance approach to confirmatory factor analysis 11 February 2008
Application of a land use planning decision support tool in a public participatory process for sustainable forest management 11 February 2008
Imagination and mediation: eighteenth-century British novels and moral philosophy. 05 February 2008
An analysis of the management and economics of salmon aquaculture 03 February 2008
Multiband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing for ultra-wideband wireless communication: analysis, extensions and implementation aspects 01 February 2008
Devilish straits: re-interpreting the source of Boundary Waters Treaty success 31 January 2008
The effects of herbivory, competition, and disturbance on island meadows 30 January 2008
Design of a self-paced brain computer interface system using features extracted from three neurological phenomena 29 January 2008
Characterization of BphD, a C-C bond hydrolase involved in the degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls 24 January 2008
Do Muslims make the difference: explaining variation on mosque building policies in Western Europe 21 January 2008
Beyond the public-private binary: cooperatives as alternative water governance models 16 January 2008
Advance care planning conversations: the family perspective 16 January 2008
Secondary schooling for girls in rural Uganda: challenges, opportunities and emerging identities 15 January 2008
Envisioning basketball: a socio-biographical investigation of Ruth Wilson - one of western Canada's sporting pioneers 10 January 2008
Direct optimization of 3D dose distributions using collimator rotation 08 January 2008
The albedo of an exoplanet: spacebased photometry of the transiting system HD 209458 07 January 2008
The way we see it: an analysis of economically disadvantaged young people's experiences and perceptions of social and economic health in their semi-rural community 07 January 2008
A DSP based variable-speed induction motor drive for a revolving stage 07 January 2008
Investigations of highly conjugated macrocycles and polymers for aggregation and chemical sensing 06 January 2008
Assisting bug report triage through recommendation 06 January 2008
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy options for proton exchange membrane fuel cell diagnostics 06 January 2008
Case study for identification and evaluation of construction innovations: the Hotel Georgia project 06 January 2008
The greenhouse tomato industry in Delta, British Columbia 04 January 2008
Evolution of copper-containing nitrite reductase 04 January 2008
The role of CD43 in the growth and pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis within the mammalian host 04 January 2008
Street network connectivity and local travel behaviour: assessing the relationship of travel outcomes to disparate pedestrian and vehicular street network connectivity 03 January 2008
The evidence is in the telling: the words of women survivors of non-physical abuse in intimate partner relationships 03 January 2008
An investigation of older Korean immigrants' perspectives on accessing primary health care 03 January 2008
The role of Mullerian differentiation in epithelial ovarian carcinogenesis 03 January 2008
Investigation of effect of dynamic operational conditions on membrane fouling in a membrane enhanced biological phosphorus removal process 03 January 2008
Influence of physical and biological habitat variables on juvenile salmonid and invertebrate drift abundance in southwest British Columbia streams 02 January 2008
Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Ormsby Zone and relative timing of gold mineralization: a newly defined Archean orogenic gold prospect hosted on the Discovery Property, Yellowknife greenstone belt, Slave Province, Canada 02 January 2008
A study of the mechanism of action of novel inhibitors of tumour cell invasion 02 January 2008
Immune cell alterations in mouse models of prostate cancer 02 January 2008
Linear mixed effects models in functional data analysis 02 January 2008
Methyl-CpG-Binding domain proteins and histone deacetylases in the stage-specific differentiation of olfactory receptor neurons 01 January 2008
Particleboard simulation model to improve machined surface quality 01 January 2008
On the design and implementation of decision-theoretic, interactive, and vision-driven mobile robots 25 December 2007
Consoling frustrated scholars: a copy of a parting gift by Wen Zhengming 25 December 2007
Crossing out: transgender (in)visibility in twentieth-century culture 22 December 2007
Constructing everyday notions of healthy eating: exploring how people of three ethnocultural backgrounds in Canada engage with food and health structures 21 December 2007
Determinants of native and exotic plant species diversity and composition in remnant oak savannas on southeastern Vancouver Island 21 December 2007
Distribution and abundance of nearshore aquatic habitat, Fraser River, British Columbia 20 December 2007
Municipal water supply governance in Ontario: neoliberalization, utility restructuring, and infrastructure management 20 December 2007
Integrated mining and preconcentration systems for nickel sulfide ores 20 December 2007
Coping with interpersonal sport stress in female adolescent soccer players: the role of perceived social support, cognitive appraisal, and trait social anxiety 19 December 2007
The global network of marine protected areas: developing baselines and identifying priorities 19 December 2007
Quasi-objective Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis and applications to the atmosphere 19 December 2007
Conditional source-term estimation methods for turbulent reacting flows 19 December 2007