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Title Available
Visualization of transient single- and two-phase jets created by diesel engine injectors 07 August 2008
Chinese women's perspectives on the transitional process of caring for spouses with dementia from home to institution 07 August 2008
Breaking into jail : women working in a men's jail 06 August 2008
Constructing consent : the emergence of corporatism within the Vancouver mental health system 06 August 2008
Regulation and function of hyaluronan binding by CD44 in the immune system 06 August 2008
Japanese manufacturing greenfields : the provincial location decision 06 August 2008
A conditional model of abduction 06 August 2008
Control of land-based marine pollution in Southeast Asia : a legal perspective 06 August 2008
Estrogen in ovarian cancer cell metastasis 06 August 2008
Alterations in executive functioning induced by repeated amphetamine exposure 06 August 2008
Model comparison and assessment by cross validation 06 August 2008
Imagination and the affirmation of the ordinary : words and deeds in the films of Frank Capra 05 August 2008
Growth and energy requirements of captive Great Blue Herons (Ardea Herodias) 05 August 2008
Aging in seniors' multiple housing in the Vancouver area : a comparative study of three organizations 05 August 2008
The role of expert systems in supervisory control applications 05 August 2008
Multiple perspectives for envisioning marine protected areas 05 August 2008
Echolocation in wild killer whales (Orcinus orca) 05 August 2008
Geology and petrography of the Wellington Seam, Nanaimo Coalfield, Vancouver Island 05 August 2008
A right to leave : refugees, states, and international society 05 August 2008
Using the computer during assessment with students who are physically handicapped and nonspeaking : Is it feasible? 05 August 2008
The transformation of the regional shopping centre : an examination of six case studies in Vancouver B.C. 05 August 2008
The role of the inositol phosphatase, SHIP, in the innate immune response to Salmonella Typhimurium 04 August 2008
Vegetative storage protein accumulation and physiological changes occurring within interior spruce seedlings 04 August 2008
Homothallism in the Sordariaceae : Mating-type loci in selected species of Neurospora, Anixiella, and Gelasinospora 04 August 2008
Pulsed molecular beam cavity microwave Fourier transform spectroscopy of some fundamental van der Waals dimers and trimers 01 August 2008
True love stories : the tropical production and authorization of meaning 01 August 2008
Relative influence of temperature and disturbance on vegetation dynamics in the Low Arctic : an investigation at multiple scales. 01 August 2008
United States policy towards Iraq, 1988-1990 01 August 2008
Marks on paper : exploring literacy through theatre - impact of performing on literacy and upgrading students 01 August 2008
Staff nurses' appraisals and coping strategies in a critical incident 01 August 2008
Marks on paper : exploring literacy through theatre - impact of performing on literacy and upgrading students 01 August 2008
Growth release of trees following fine-scale canopy disturbances in old-growth forests of coastal British Columbia, Canada 01 August 2008
Studies toward a total synthesis of (±)-subergorgic acid 31 July 2008
Development and characterization of furnace atomization plasma excitation spectrometry 31 July 2008
The synthesis and characterization of new sulfoxide complexes of ruthenium and their potential as anti-cancer agents 31 July 2008
Study of single-screw extruders for continuous feeding of canola paste for supercritical fluid extraction 31 July 2008
Mariko Mori and Takashi Murakami and the crisis of Japanese identity 31 July 2008
The effect of idiopathic Parkinson's disease on seated trunk reactions 31 July 2008
Genetic variability in Douglas-fir based on molecular genetic markers and morphological traits 31 July 2008
Influence of environmental variation on habitat selection, life history strategies and population dynamics of sympatric ptarmigan in the southern Yukon Territory 31 July 2008
Teachers' understandings and beliefs about the role of the learning environment 31 July 2008
Seaschool : a case study of education, ecology and economics 31 July 2008
A fractal analysis of premixed turbulent flames 31 July 2008
An investigation of secondhand prices : a case of handymax dry bulk carriers 31 July 2008
Neoglacial climate in the Southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia 31 July 2008
A constrained MDP-based vertical handoff decision algorithm for wireless networks 31 July 2008
A study of the predictive validity of the Kenya certificate of primary education examination : application of hierarchical linear models 31 July 2008
High resolution spectroscopy of some gaseous transition metal containing diatomic molecules 30 July 2008
Dynamic simulation of a recausticizing plant 30 July 2008
Characterization of insulin-stimulated protein kinase cascade in normal and diabetic rats and the effects of vanadium 30 July 2008