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Title Available
Reducing remodularization complexity through modular-objective decoupling 14 August 2008
Effectiveness of inhaled corticosteroids in preventing morbidity and mortality in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the impact of coexisting asthma 14 August 2008
Microcomputer communications & planning 13 August 2008
An examination of several in-basket scoring strategies and their effect on reliability and criterion-related validity 13 August 2008
Dynamic analysis of a marine riser 13 August 2008
Photodynamic therapy of squamous cell carcinoma : an evaluation of a new photosensitizing agent and photoimmunoconjugate 13 August 2008
MIBG uptake in the hypertensive-diabetic rat heart 12 August 2008
Identification of novel palmitoyl acyl transferases and characterization of the role of Huntingtin palmitoylation in Huntington Disease 12 August 2008
Photodynamic therapy of squamous cell carcinoma : an evaluation of a new photosensitizing agent and photoimmunoconjugate 12 August 2008
Linkage studies of x-linked cleft palate and ankyloglossia in a British Columbia native kindred 12 August 2008
Pretreatment and hydrolysis of recovered fibre for ethanol production 12 August 2008
Economic analysis of coffee supply in Kenya 12 August 2008
Response of reinforced concrete to reverse cyclic loading 12 August 2008
A hierarchical software development environment for performance oriented parallel programming 12 August 2008
The automatic recognition of intermodulation, hum and snow noise in cable television systems 12 August 2008
A fault-tolerant building block for transputer networks for real-time processing 12 August 2008
Identifying at-risk early primary students : global, academic and specific skills assessments 12 August 2008
Growth and collapse of vapour bubbles in convective subcooled boiling of water 12 August 2008
Verbal description of pain by patients with cancer 12 August 2008
The legal fact as a work of art : artificial intelligence and the pragmatics of legal interpretation 12 August 2008
Electrical stimulation of reward sites in the ventral tegmental area of the rat increases dopamine transmission in the nucleus accumbens as measured by in vivo microdialysis 12 August 2008
Men as individuals, women as mothers : women's delayed achievement of individualism 11 August 2008
Respiratory behaviour and quality attributes of fresh apple slices in modified atmosphere systems 11 August 2008
Girl talk : feminist rights discourse and the struggle for equality 11 August 2008
Evolution and impacts of public policy on the changing Canadian inner city : case study of Southwest Montreal 1960-90 11 August 2008
Infants' ability to use language as a guide to inductive inference 11 August 2008
Distribution of gold in soils and stream sediments and the use of cyanidation in exploration geochemistry 11 August 2008
Various forms of colonialism : the social and spatial reorganisation of the Brao in southern Laos and northeastern Cambodia 11 August 2008
Prevention of bacterial growth in platelet products via inclusion of iron chelators 10 August 2008
Concepts of mental health and mental illness : a comparison of definitions and checklists in the Abhidharmakośabhāṣya and the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-III-R) 10 August 2008
The bryophyte flora of Bridal Veil Falls, British Columbia : an analysis of its composition and diversity 10 August 2008
Amidate complexes of the group 4 metals : sythesis, reactivity, and hydroamination catalysis 10 August 2008
Defense d'afficher : the wartime art of Jean Lurç̧at and Jean Dubuffet 08 August 2008
Characterization of Thy-1 expression on human hematopoietic cells 08 August 2008
Acoustic emission from the crystallization of potassium bromide doped with lead 08 August 2008
Dinitrogen complexes of titanium and vanadium stabilized by phosphine ligands 08 August 2008
Fear of falling : the experience of elderly individuals who have previously fallen 08 August 2008
Job satisfaction and role conflict among community health nurses 08 August 2008
Power and leadership : a perspective from college women 07 August 2008
Interacting effects of soil nitrogen supply and light availability on understory sapling growth and foliar attributes 07 August 2008
The relationship between water and Helicobacter pylori and the burden of related illnesses in the Township of Langley, British Columbia 07 August 2008
Preschool children's interpretation of others' history of accuracy 07 August 2008
Dopaminergic modulation of risk-based decision making 07 August 2008
Gaze selection in the real world : finding evidence for a preferential selection of eyes 07 August 2008
Reversible binding of dihydrogen to dinuclear ruthenium complexes containing chelating diphosphines 07 August 2008
Evaluation of electrothermal vapourization as a method of sample introduction for the ICP-MS and determination of trace levels of titanium, gallium and indium in the central Pacific gyre 07 August 2008
Optical end point sensing and digital control of a scanning tunneling microscope 07 August 2008
Multifilter spectrophotometry of the environment of the quasar 3C281 07 August 2008
Endonuclease processing in the rif region of the Escherichia coli chromosome 07 August 2008
The effects of a silvicultural sludge application on small mammal populations and the potential of Giardia contamination in a forest ecosystem 07 August 2008