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Title Available
Pilot-scale study of removal of anionic surfactants with trickling filter 01 February 2009
Applications of the microwave-enhanced advanced oxidation process 01 February 2009
Seismic shear capacity of reinforced concrete elements 01 February 2009
Synthesis and characterization of C₂ symmetric liquid crystalline materials 01 February 2009
Identification of potential exosite in cathepsin V necessary for elastin degradation 01 February 2009
Using patterns in conceptual modeling of business activities 01 February 2009
Danceland: a production record 01 February 2009
Genome degeneration in obligate parasites and endosymbionts 01 February 2009
Ambivalent passion : Pedro Almodóvar's postmodern melodrama 01 February 2009
The stability of school effects across academic subjects 30 January 2009
The Better Housing Scheme bungalow in 1920 Vancouver: wedding economy and aesthetics in the Craftsman model 30 January 2009
Sustainable housing : reducing the "Ecological footprint" of new wood frame single-family detached houses 30 January 2009
Policy sector convergence: an examination of aboriginal politics and forestry policy in British Columbia 30 January 2009
A search for meaning: secondary ESL students and reader response 30 January 2009
Travellers’ preference for parking at the Vancouver International Airport 30 January 2009
Scatter correction in Positron Emission Tomography 30 January 2009
Mechanics and dynamics of ballend milling 30 January 2009
GrafTab: an innovative requirements specification method for a PLC system 30 January 2009
Integration of daily imaging, plan adaptation and radiation delivery for near real-time adaptive radiation therapy 30 January 2009
Shuttling of a functional cre recombinase gene into mammalian cells using a retroviral vector 30 January 2009
Phonetic similarity influences learning word-object associations in 14-month-old infants 30 January 2009
A disturbing picture of the new world (’I is seen’): tupinamba cannibalism, sixteenth century printed representation and the martyr 30 January 2009
Evaluation of communication therapy as aural rehabilitation for adults with acquired hearing loss 30 January 2009
Spontaneous and imtated utterances of children with phonological disorgers 30 January 2009
High school students’ perceptions of nursing as a career choice 30 January 2009
Cooperative learning strategies for teaching undergraduate tonal theory 30 January 2009
Perceptions of learning needs for patients with heart valve replacements four to ten weeks after hospital discharge 30 January 2009
New directions for environmental impairment liability insurance in Canada 30 January 2009
The role of data interchange standards in satisfying recordkeeping functional requirements in electronic message handling systems 30 January 2009
Outreach in community archives in British Columbia: four case studies 30 January 2009
A new, non-linear analysis of layered soil-pile-superstructure seismic response 30 January 2009
Dynamic analysis of bridges with laminated wood girders 30 January 2009
Genetic variation among populations of Pissodes strobi (white pine weevil) reared from Picea and pinus hosts as inferred from RAPD markers 30 January 2009
The mechanism of action of inhibitory domain 1 of GAL4 30 January 2009
Travellers’ preference for parking at the Vancouver International Airport 30 January 2009
Evaluating the impact of prenatal behavior modification on maternal and infant outcomes: British Columbia’s pregnancy outreach projects 30 January 2009
Effects of an intervention for facilitating social reasoning and prosocial behavior in pre-adolescents 29 January 2009
Dietary n-3 fatty acids and cerebral ischemia/reperfusion 29 January 2009
Competent sexual agency and feminine subjectivity : how young women negotiate discourses of sexuality 29 January 2009
Conflict resolution in gay male relationships 29 January 2009
"We begin this work to call together witnesses": the memory of the Second World War in Stó:lō communities, 1993-1995 29 January 2009
Constructions of local and Pan-Indian elements in contemporary Stó:lō identity 29 January 2009
Perceptions of first line nurse managers managing in a culturally diverse environment 29 January 2009
The performance of a sequencing batch reactor for the treatment of whitewater at high temperatures 29 January 2009
Dynamic behavioir of base cracked gravity dam by the way of the hybrid frequency time domain procedure 29 January 2009
The theory of reappraisal and deaccessioning of archival material 29 January 2009
A critical review of alternative tourism: full fare tourism? A case study of Mundo Maya 29 January 2009
Walking the thin line : Ishikawa Sanshirō and Japanese anarchism 28 January 2009
The effects of squish and swirl interaction on performance and emissions of a spark ignition engine 28 January 2009
Revelations of the flesh and testimonies of desire : Sebatino del Piobo’s "Martyrdom of Saint Agatha" 28 January 2009