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Title Available
Dousing the flame : an ecocritical examination of English-Canadian love stories 03 February 2009
Sparse signal recovery in a transform domain 03 February 2009
On the strength of saturated cement-treated soil reconstituted by wet-mixing 03 February 2009
Analysis of design factors influencing the oxygen transfer efficiency of a Speece Cone hypolimnetic aerator 03 February 2009
Reliability of the HMRI (CIHI) database : a re-abstracting study 03 February 2009
European integration and the member states : The national case, public opinion, party systems, and the role of electoral systems 02 February 2009
Placing Palestine : homes, families & mobilities in Birzeit 02 February 2009
AMP-activated protein kinase and hypertrophic remodeling of heart muscle cells 02 February 2009
The key to the grail is teaching with compassion 02 February 2009
The development of a high sensitivity ac susceptometer and its application to the study of high temperature superconductors 02 February 2009
Radiative muon capture of oxygen, aluminum, silicon, titanium, zirconium, and silver 02 February 2009
Development and evaluation of an interface pressure transducer for biomedical applications 02 February 2009
Design and modeling of a MEMS-based accelerometer with pull in analysis 02 February 2009
The relationship between fundamental movement skills and the health and fitness of Canadian children 02 February 2009
Ligand binding studies on Ly-49 02 February 2009
Evaluating the susceptibility to conflict of outdoor recreation activities : a case study of backcountry skiing, helicopter skiing, and snowmobiling in the Revelstoke region of British Columbia, Canada 02 February 2009
Effects of flush solutions on radial artery catheter patency 02 February 2009
Delinquent associations : the interactive effects of peer relationships on delinquency 02 February 2009
Narratives of patient care aides on their work and health: a feminist analysis 02 February 2009
Magic carpet : digital interpretation of traditional tessellation patterns 02 February 2009
Mechanical integrity of myosin thick filaments of airway smooth muscle in vitro: effects of phosphoryation of the regulatory light chain 02 February 2009
Redefining disrepute : acknowledging social injustice and judicial subjectivity in the critical reform of section 24(2) of the Charter 02 February 2009
The responsibility to protect : legal rights and obligations to save humans from mass murder and ethnic cleansing 02 February 2009
Web personalization based on association roles finding on both static and dynamic Web data 02 February 2009
Predictive rendering 02 February 2009
On detecting and repairing inconsistent schema mappings 02 February 2009
"Eating's a part of being after all" : (un)gendering foodways in the work of Sallie Tisdale, Ruth Ozeki, and Hiromi Goto 02 February 2009
Applying formal method in the implementation of the information retrieval protocol Z39.50 02 February 2009
A ghost in the machine : the struggle for epistemological territory in chaos 02 February 2009
Enhancing nutrient solubilization from organic waste using the microwave technology 02 February 2009
Queer scapes patterns and processes of gay male and lesbian spatialisation in Vancouver, B.C. 02 February 2009
A simulated study on some fundamental aspects in flakeboard manufacture 02 February 2009
High iron content glasses: an alternative in the use of electric arc furnace dust 02 February 2009
Lost Lesotho princess/landlord ears 02 February 2009
The Tsai-Wu strength theory for Douglas-fir laminated veneer 02 February 2009
BDNF infusion into the sensorimotor cortex promotes sprouting of inact corticospinal fibers within the spinal cord after a unilateral pyramidal lesion 02 February 2009
Predicted concentrations of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and furans in fat tissue due to chlorophenate exposure in B.C. sawmills 02 February 2009
Concealed intelligence : a description of highly emotionally intelligent students with learning disabilities 02 February 2009
The construction of buildings and histories: Hudson’s Bay Company department stores, 1912-26 01 February 2009
Using patterns in conceptual modeling of business activities 01 February 2009
Planning without guidance : Canadian defense policy and planning, 1993-2004 01 February 2009
Delivering the super, natural goods : commodifying wilderness in British Columbia 01 February 2009
Snapshots : three children, three families - literacy at home, in the community and at school 01 February 2009
Effect of acetabular labral tears, repair and resection on hip cartilage strains : a 7T MR study 01 February 2009
Efficient decoding and application of rateless codes 01 February 2009
Sulfaphenazole treatment restores endothelium-dependent vasodilation in diabetic mice 01 February 2009
Heavy element enrichment of the gas giant planets 01 February 2009
Comparisons of statistical modeling for constructing gene regulatory networks 01 February 2009
How to read the Bill Reid bill 01 February 2009
Investigating students' understandings of probability : a study of a grade 7 classroom 01 February 2009