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Title Available
The systematics of Rocky Mountain Maple, Acer Glabrum Torr 15 January 2009
Improving transit facilities through land use planning and urban design 15 January 2009
Affordable housing through affirmative zoning 15 January 2009
Generating and assessing forest land use options: a case study of the Clayoquot Sound sustainable development strategy 14 January 2009
Learning sustainability on the farm : exploring academic programs at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems 14 January 2009
SPO0A repression of transcription from the bacillus subtilis AbrB promoter is mediated by SPO0A tethering RNA polymerase to the promoter region 14 January 2009
"Working a great hardship on us" : First Nations people, the state and fur conservation in British Columbia before 1935 14 January 2009
Synchronous machine models for simulation of induction motor 14 January 2009
A phase-domain induction motor model for transient studies 14 January 2009
Phase-domain synchronous generator model for transients simulation 14 January 2009
Real-time performance monitoring and fault diagnosis of hydraulic manipulators 14 January 2009
Warnsis ii : A warning signal identification system for the hard of hearing 14 January 2009
The effect of noise on segmental and prosodic timing in speech production 14 January 2009
The effects of phonological intervention on morphosyntactic development in preschool children with phonological and morphosyntactic disorders 14 January 2009
"Favourites of yesterday and today" : Popular radio and risk management 14 January 2009
The experience of caring for a child with a medically-fragile condiction at home: perceptions of parents 14 January 2009
The effect of outpatient cardiac education on knowledge and health promotion/protective behaviours 14 January 2009
Nursing students’ perceptions regarding effective interventions used by nurse educators in assisting students to cope with anxiety during the clinical learning experience 14 January 2009
Adolescent perspectives on prenatal education : A qualitative study 14 January 2009
Alternative high-performance architectures for communication protocols 14 January 2009
Women and environmental decision-making : A case study of the Squamish estuary management plan in British Columbia, Canada 14 January 2009
Properties of robot forward dynamics algorithms with applications to simulation 14 January 2009
If sex is your work-- : Reflections on collaborative research in Thailand 14 January 2009
Pilot-scale studies of the anaerobic digestion of combined wastewater sludges and mitigation of phosphorus release 14 January 2009
Bioindication of atmospheric heavy metals in the lower Fraser Valley, B.C., Canada 14 January 2009
Silicon uptake in rice and cucumbers 14 January 2009
Physicians and breastfeeding : beliefs, knowledge, self-efficacy and counselling practice 14 January 2009
La mafia e il giallo sciasciano 13 January 2009
Teaming up in collaborative ethnographic research 13 January 2009
Corporate performances in space : situating fraud in the Enron case 13 January 2009
STV for BC (single transferable vote for British Columbia) 13 January 2009
Nonlinear motion of a vessel in a seaway 13 January 2009
This teaching land : Learning hermeneutically in the English 9 classroom 13 January 2009
Efficiency-optimal operating conditions for single-phase induction motors 13 January 2009
Effects of high operating temperatures, hydraulic retention time and solids residence time on activated sludge treatment of kraft pulping effluent 13 January 2009
Teaming up in collaborative ethnographic research 13 January 2009
The effect of noise and syntactic complexity on listening comprehension 13 January 2009
Giving and receiving help in aging families : The independent and joint effects of gender and class 13 January 2009
The efficacy of visually-based and aurally-based instrumental music instruction techniques in the development of music reading skills of beginning instrumental music students 13 January 2009
The pain cues of cognitively impaired elderly people: an ethnoscientific study of gerontological nurses’ perspectives 13 January 2009
The effectiveness of visualization as a strategy to teach intramuscular injection administration to nursing students 13 January 2009
The relationship between grammar and cognition 13 January 2009
Primary caregiving and "mothers with a difference" : A feminist analysis of developments in custody law 13 January 2009
Taking it to the streets : An activist’s story of the Vancouver housing crisis of 1989 13 January 2009
Inventory control in the retail sector : A case study of Canadian Tire Pacific Associates 13 January 2009
Girls and tattoos : investigating the social practices of symbolic markings of identity 13 January 2009
Sensitization of isolated rat islets to stimulation with glucose by prior exposure to glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) 13 January 2009
The use of information engineering as a framework for analyzing records in electronic form 13 January 2009
Archival professionalism and ethics : An assessment of archival codes in North America 13 January 2009
Genotoxic effects of pesticide exposure on farmworkers in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia 13 January 2009