Community News November 2023

Impact Story: Depression and Mental Health

Maintaining good mental health is crucial for overall well-being and quality of life. Research shows that one in eight people are battling depression and it impacts everyone differently. Feelings of sadness or feeling emotionally drained are normal, and everyone has bad days; however, those with depression can’t just simply “get over it.” It is a real illness that could lead to thoughts of self-harm, destructive behaviour, or even suicide.

UBC scholars are using their research to better understand how different factors, such as stress regulation, antidepressant medications, and prenatal exposures can affect mental health outcomes long-term. The research conducted by our graduate students emphasizes the significance of understanding the long-term implications behind the complex varying factors that influence mental health outcomes.  Read more and meet three current UBC grad students researching in this area.

UBC engineers develop breakthrough ‘robot skin’ in collaboration with Honda researchers

Smart, stretchable and highly sensitive, a new soft sensor developed by UBC and Honda researchers opens the door to a wide range of applications in robotics and prosthetics.

When applied to the surface of a prosthetic arm or a robotic limb, the sensor skin provides touch sensitivity and dexterity, enabling tasks that can be difficult for machines such as picking up a piece of soft fruit. The sensor is also soft to the touch, like human skin, which helps make human interactions safer and more lifelike. Read more


Embarking on a graduate program can be an exciting yet, at times, uncertain journey. Everyone’s journey looks different and will evolve as you navigate your program.  Personal and professional development opportunities can enhance your program by helping with your academics as well as offer support for wellbeing, teaching, and your career. We had the opportunity to speak with Jacqui Brinkman (Director of Graduate Student Professional Development at UBC Graduate Studies) and Parker Li (PhD candidate, Political Science). They shared their invaluable insights and advice on how to navigate professional development as a graduate student. Read more