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Full-time and part-time study

Main points: doctoral students

Doctoral students are normally considered full-time students and are assessed fees according to Schedule A.

Part-Time Classification

In May 2017 the UBC-V Senate approved the establishment of a part-time classification for doctoral students. In June 2017, the tuition fee structure for a part-time classification for doctoral students (Schedule C) was approved by the Board of Governors. Part-time classification for doctoral students was first available for students who started their doctoral programs as of September 2018. See the Fees section of the UBC Calendar for details about Schedule C tuition assessments.

Part-time studies are available only in some programs, as part-time study may not fit the curriculum or research in some fields of study. The process by which graduate programs may be approved to offer part-time doctoral studies is described in this document.

This page shows all programs that have been approved for part-time PhD studies.

Doctoral Students with Disabilities Who Are Deemed as "Full-Time with Reduced Workload"

This applies only to doctoral students who been assessed by the UBC Access & Diversity Office as having permanent disabilities requiring a reduced level of academic engagement.

  • An alternative tuition schedule may be established by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in consultation with the University Registrar.
  • The maximum time in the program is normally eight years. Such students are deemed to be equivalent to “full-time” for all purposes.

Administrative procedure: See Classification of Students in the Calendar.

Main points: master's students

Master's students are normally considered full-time and are assessed tuition fees according to Schedule A.

Part-Time Classification

Some graduate programs may offer part-time study. The expected academic workload of students classified as part-time is determined by the program. Part-time master’s students may be assessed tuition fees according to Schedule B.

Part-time students on Schedule B tuition payments

  • are not eligible to receive interest-free status government loans, University fellowships or scholarships,
  • are not eligible for teaching assistantships, research assistantships, student housing, or assigned desk space at the University,
  • are held to the five-year maximum time allowed for the master’s program,
  • must obtain approval of their program’s Graduate Advisor and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies before the start of their program, and
  • are not permitted to revert back to Schedule A after the initial payment of the tuition fees in the first term of the program.

Tuition fees paid according to Schedule B are payable in 3 installments per year (in addition to authorized student fees). Part-time students will pay total fees of at least 9 installments.

Important: Upon program completion, any installments not already assessed will be assessed at that time and will be payable upon assessment.

For detailed information regarding specific program fees, please refer to the Tuition Fees section of the Calendar.