Parental Accommodation


Senate policy: V-303: Graduate Student Parental Accommodation Policy

Form: Request for Parental Accommodation

This policy applies to students currently registered in full-time graduate programs at the University of British Columbia who are in good standing and making satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree. Students must have completed at least one term of full-time study in their program.

The policy makes it possible for a student to maintain full-time student status during an eight-week period surrounding the arrival of a new child under the age of six (newborn or newly-adopted), with all the benefits of such status, by standardizing a minimum level of academic accommodation during that period.

Main points:

  • Requests must be made no later than 30 days before start date.
  • Requests must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

If approved for parental accommodation:

  • Students continue to be registered as a full-time, and tuition and student fees must be paid as usual.
  • Academic deadlines and expectations are to be flexible and modified to accommodate the student's new parental responsibilities
  • Time allowed for advancement to candidacy (doctoral students) and degree completion will be extended by four months.
  • Graduate programs are expected to extend any internal deadlines for the completion of academic requirements by a minimum of four months
  • Student retains the full value of any fellowship or other award for which the terms and conditions are established by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and will experience no change to funding, payment schedule, total amount granted, or completion date of the scholarship.
  • Awards for which the terms and conditions are not established by the Faculty of Graduate Studies will be paid according to the terms conditions established by the donor or granting agency.


  • Discuss parental accommodation with supervisor.
  • Download and complete the “Request for Parental Accommodation” form from Grad Studies website.
  • Obtain the signatures of supervisor and graduate program advisor indicating their approval.
  • Send the form to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.