United States

UBC Master's Program Requirements

Years of Study required

Bachelor's degree

Overall Grade Required

3.3 (B+) on a 4-point scale in third and fourth year-upper level course work

Credentials or Degrees Required

Bachelor's Degree

UBC Doctoral Program Requirements

Overall Grade Required

3.3 on a 4.0 scale or B+ or 76%

Credentials or Degrees Required

Master's degree

Notes on Eligibility

Note: Theological degrees (i.e., degrees in theology or degrees offered by a bible college, seminary or theological school) may not be acceptable as a basis for admission to graduate studies at the University of British Columbia. Applicants will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Financial Awards

This is a list of selected awards that you may be able to apply for if you meet the eligibility criteria. Please review the database of financial awards for other award opportunities.

Profiles of Students from United States

Vanessa Radzimski

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies (PhD)
Understanding the role that advanced coursework plays in prospective secondary mathematics teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching

Lisa Brunner

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (PhD)
Mapping the intersections of higher education and (im)migration

Mollie Chapman

Doctor of Philosophy in Resources, Environment and Sustainability (PhD)
Agr-'culture' and Biodiversity: Rethinking Payments for Ecosystem Services in Light of Agrarian Values
Nina Ebner

Nina Ebner

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography (PhD)
Working the Border: Economic Restructuring and Uneven Development on the US-Mexico Border

Sarah Fessenden

Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (PhD)
"We just Wanna Warm some Bellies": Food Not Bombs, Anarchism, and Recycling Wasted Food for Protest

Anna Ringsred

Master of Applied Science in Forestry (MASc)
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential of Biojet Fuel using Lifecycle Assessment