Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Abraham, Ninan Mammals, pathogens, genetic analysis, proper cell funtion, development, maintenance and proper functioning of T- and B-cells
Adamson, Martin Evolution, parasites
Altshuler, Douglas flight control, visual guidance, visual neuroscience, neuroethology, avian biomechanics, aerodynamics, wing morphing, motor control
Angert, Amy evolutionary ecology, population biology, biological responses to climate change, conservation biology
Auger-Methe, Marie
Auld, Vanessa development, nervous system, permeability barriers, glia , cell biology , genetics, in vivo imaging, epithelia
Aviles, Leticia Evolution of sociality, evolution of sex ratios
Brauner, Colin Gas exchange, ion regulation and acid-base balance in fish, Evolution and comparative physiology
Cheung, Wai Lung Impacts of fishing and climate change on marine ecosystems and their goods and services
Christensen, Villy
Doebeli, Michael Walter Mathematical ecology and evolution, evolution of diversity, adaptive speciation, evolution of cooperation, game theory, experimental evolution in microorganisms
Germain, Rachel
Gordon, Michael Neuroscience, Neural circuits, Sensory systems, Feeding, Taste, Gustation, Drosophila, Chemosensation
Harley, Christopher community ecology, climate change, marine invertebrates, marine algae
Irwin, Darren speciation, hybridization, ornithology, seasonal migration, genomic differentiation
Jankowski, Jill Ecology
Kremen, Claire
Leander, Brian Evolutionary morphology, Marine invertebrate zoology, Evolutionary protistology, Species discovery, Phylogenetic biology, Comparative organismal biology, Marine biodiversity
Li, Yue-Xian Calcium signalling in neuroendocrine cells Fertilization calcium waves in oocytes
Maddison, Wayne Arachnology, Biodiversity, Spiders, Phylogenetic Theory and Programming
Mank, Judith
Marshall, Katie
Matsuuchi, Linda Cell signaling of specific membrane receptors, combining aspects of Cell Biology, Immunology , Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Matthews, Philip respiratory adaptations of animals, primarily insects
Matthews, Benjamin
Mizumoto, Kota Cell and Developmental Biology
O'Connor, Mary climate change, ocean, seafood, seagrass, eelgrass, invertebrate, ecology, environment,
Otto, Sarah evolution, mathematical modeling, population genetics, genomic evolution, evolution of sex, yeast experimental evolution, Population genetics and evolutionary biology, yeast
Pante, Nelly Molecular trafficking pathways within the cell
Parfrey, Laura Microbial ecology, microbial diversity, microbiome, protists
Pauly, Daniel World fisheries, marine life, global catch, Management of fisheries, and to ecosystem modeling
Pennell, Matthew
Pitcher, Tony Evaluation of the impacts of fishing on marine ecosystems with special emphasis on restoration ecology, development of a predictive understanding of how fish shoaling behavior impacts fisheries
Ramer, Matthew Pain, Plasticity, Regeneration, Sensory neurons, Sympathetic neurons
Redfield, Rosemary Microbial evolution
Richards, Jeffrey Adaptive significance of the mechanisms coordinating cellular responses to stress
Richardson, John ecology, freshwater biology, food webs, streams, forest
Roskams, Angela Jane Alzheimer's, cellular development, degeneration and regeneration in the olfactory system
Schluter, Dolph Evolution of ecological diversity in groups of organisms that are multiplying rapidly
Schulte, Patricia Molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, genomics, population genetics, and evolutionary biology to address the question, what are the physiological adaptations that allow animals to live in particular environments?
Shadwick, Robert Edward Comparative Physiology Fish and whale swimming, Whale feeding and diving, Whale arteries and lungs
Snutch, Terrance Preston Molecular and genetic analysis of the nervous system
Soma, Kiran Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Stress
Srivastava, Diane biodiversity, tropics, Costa Rica, insects, mites, food webs, habitat loss, Community ecology, conservation, how species loss from food webs can affect the way ecosystems function
Sugioka, Kenji Cell division, Animal morphogenesis, Cytoskeletal dynamics
Taylor, Eric biodiversity, speciation, fishes, conservation, biogeography
Tetzlaff, Wolfram Neural development and regeneration
Trites, Andrew marine mammals, seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, fisheries competition, population biology, ecology, Marine mamals research centre, biology of marine mammals, population dynamics, bioenergetics, fisheries
Tseng, Michelle Ecology, Evolutionary Biology
Vincent, Amanda ocean conservation, threatened marine species, especially seahorses and their relatives, marine protected areas, small-scale fisheries, nonselective fisheries, especially trawling, wildlife trade, community-based conservation, citizen science, multilateral environmental agreements