Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Baumbusch, Jennifer long-term residential care, family caregiving, Intellectual Disability, nursing care of older adults
Boschma, Geertje History of nursing and health care, with special emphasis on mental health and mental health nursing
Brown, Helen Jean Maternal-infant and women
Browne, Annette Health inequalities, indigenous peoples, women's health, cultural safety, primary health care interventions to improve health outcomes, marginalized populations, health policy
Bungay, Victoria sexuality, sex work, harm reduction, drug use, intersectionality, ethnography, communication technologies, community based research, Health inequities affecting men and women working in the commercial sex industry and people who are street-involved, leadership, public health nursing, mental health, sexual health, HIV, and harm reduction programming
Campbell, Suzanne simulation nursing education, interprofessional health professional education, health communication, lactation support, leadership in nursing, global maternal-infant-child health
Currie, Leanne Biomedical and Health Informatics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Human Computer Interaction and Design
Dahinten, Susan Social determinants and processes of child development, identification, intervention and the prevention of developmental problems
Garrett, Bernard Mark Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented reality, Evidence-basedPpractice, Deception in Healthcare, Healthcare Regulation, Alternative Medicine
Havaei, Farinaz
Howard, Fuchsia health service needs of vulnerable, high-risk survivors of acute life-threatening illness, specifically, cancer survivors and survivors of critical illnesses; hereditary cancer prevention and risk management and psychosocial and ethnocultural factors that shape health and illness experiences
Jenkins, Emily
MacPhee, Maura professional development, higher education, patient safety, systems analysis, leadership and management, pediatrics
McPherson, Gladys addressing health equity within one First Nations community
Moss, Margaret
Oliffe, John Suicide prevention, depression, smoking, mental health and illness, men's health, prostate cancer, masculinity, fathers, incarcertion, support groups
Phinney, Alison Capacities of older people for successfully coping with the functional consequences of aging and disease
Ranger, Manon Neurodevelopment, Early-adversity, Biomarkers of early stress exposure, Brain development
Rodney, Patricia Healthcare ethics; Nursing ethics; Nursing workplaces; Healthcare equity; Ethics and policy; Moral distress and moral climate
Saewyc, Elizabeth Homeless or street involved youth, sexual minority youth, sexual exploitation of youth, discrimination, trauma and resilience., Youth health issues, stigma, violence, trauma, adolescent health, protective factors, sexual minority, homeless, immigrant, indigenous
Thorne, Sally cancer care, chronic illness
Varcoe, Colleen How the inequities of ethnicity, class, place and ability are central to violence against women, enhancing practice and policy in the context of violence and inequity
Wong, Sabrina Primary Health Care, Primary Care, vulnerable populations, marginalized groups, ethno-cultural, patient experiences, quality of care, Organization and delivery of health care, informing practice and system level interventions that seek to decrease health inequalities among Canadian residents, including people who face multiple disadvantages in accessing and using the health care system such as those who have language barriers and live in poverty