Forestry offers advanced study in natural and social science, management, and economic aspects of forestry and wood science, in an interdisciplinary setting.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Aitken, Sally forest genetics, climate change, Climate change, conservation, ecology, genetics, genomics
Alila, Younes Hydrology, Flood, Water Resources, Water Structures, Forest Hydrology, Forest management, hydrological engineering
Arcese, Peter Ecology, Conservation Biology, Evolutionary Biology
Avramidis, Stavros wood physics, momentum, heat and mass transfer in wood, wood dielectrics, wood drying optimization, dielectric heating, drying, phytosanitation, wood thermodynamics, non destructive evaluation, NIR wood species ID, application of neural networks to properties prediction, modeling of wood drying, cell-wall architecture, sorption characteristics of wood
Boedhihartono, Agni biodiversity, Communities and Livelihoods, conservation, Forest management, Land-use Change, social science, sustainability, Tropical Landscapes and Livelihoods
Bohlmann, Joerg plant biochemistry, forestry genomics, forest health, conifers, poplar, bark beetle, mountain pine beetle, natural products, secondary metabolites, terpenes, floral scent, grapevine, Conifer genomics Forest health genomics Mountain pine beetle, fungus, pine interactions and genomics Chemical ecology of conifer, insect interactions
Bulkan, Janette aboriginal forestry, biodiversity, climate change, communities and livelihoods, conservation, corporate responsibility, forest management, forest policy, international trade, social impact, social science
Bull, Gary international forest policy, environmental services markets, carbon markets, Government and economic systems
Burton, Cole Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Ecological Trends, Animal, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity, Landscape and Restoration, Environment Management and Protection, Wildlife Management, Mammal Ecology, Biodiversity conservation, Ecological Monitoring, Population and Community Ecology, Landscape ecology
Carroll, Allan climate change, mountain pine beetle, bark beetles, forest disturbance, integrated pest management, insect ecology, population dynamics, insect-plant interactions, Climate change, conservation, ecology, ecosystems, forest biology, forest management
Chanway, Christopher Soil microbiology
Cool, Julie modelling, wood products, wood science, wood
Coops, Nicholas Charles Telemetry (Remote Sensing, Radar), Space Techniques, Forestry Technology and Equipment, Plants and Forests
Cranston, Emily Nanomaterials, Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Layers, Polymers, Colloidal and Autoassembled Systems, Bio-based materials and nanocellulose, Atomic force microscopy (forces, adhesion, friction, imaging), Colloid and interface science, Polymer chemistry, Cellulose nanocrystals
Dai, Chunping Bamboo, Bio-products, Wood Products, Wood Science, Wood Technology
Daniels, Lori forest plants and trees; forest history; forest management; environmental protection and natural resource use, Climate change, ecology, fire regimes
Davies, Jonathan Phylogenetics & Biodiversity. Development and application of phylogenetic methods in ecology and conservation biology
Day, Susan Plants and Forests, Landscape and Restoration, Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Environment Management and Protection, urban forestry, urban soils, urban ecology
El-Kassaby, Yousry Applied Genetics, Tree domestication, Seed orchards’ genetics, Tree breeding, genomics, conservation
Ellis, Simon Wood processing and manufacturing, Wood quality, anatomy, wood products processing program
Eskelson, Bianca Plants and Forests, Statistics and Probabilities, Resources Management, Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Forest Biometrics, Forest Modelling, Disturbance Effects
Evans, Philip David Wood anatomy, wood durability, wood products, wood technology
Gergel, Sarah Aboriginal forestry, biodiversity, climate change, communities and livelihoods, conservation, ecology, remote sensing, sustainability
Grayston, Susan Climate change, microbiology, soil science
Griess, Verena Resources Management, Plants and Forests, Landscape and Environmental Organization, sustainable forest management, forest management planning, decision support systems, forest economics, mixed species, near natural/ close to nature forestry, plantation forests, silviculture
Guy, Robert Plants and Forests, Physiology, Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes
Hagerman, Shannon Marie biodiversity, climate change, communities and livelihoods, conservation, forest policy, social science
Hinch, Scott salmon migrations, salmon ecology, salmon fisheries, fish conservation, land use impacts (e.g. forestry) on fish and habitat, Salmon, conservation, ecology, fish ecology, fisheries management, stream, and riperian ecology
Innes, John Plants and Forests, Climate Changes and Impacts, Forestry
Jiang, Feng bio-based nanomaterials, carbohydrate chemistry, chemistry, sustainability, wood science
Konijnendijk, Cecil Design and Planning of Space, Landscape and Environmental Organization, Urban and Rural Planning Policies, urban forestry, green infrastructure planning, green space governance, urban ecosystem services, people-nature relationships
Kozak, Robert Antal Forest-dependent communities in transition, international development & poverty alleviation, value-added strategies, forest certification & corporate social responsibility, forest sector sustainability & competitiveness, marketing, management & consumer behaviour
Krzic, Maja Agriculture, Soil science, Soil science education, Integration of multimedia and soil science
Lam, Frank timber engineering; structural use of wood products, Engineered wood systems
Lemay, Valerie Modeling, estimation, biometrics/mensuration
Loss, Cristiano Wood, Timber Engineering, Wood Building Systems, Hybrid Wood-Based Systems, Seismic Design and Analysis of Timber Structures, Industrialised Wood Systems, Engineered Wood Solutions, Wood as Structural Material, Engineering Wood Design
Mansfield, Shawn plant metabolism, cellulose biosynthesis, lignin biosynthesis, wood formation, wood quality, cell wall biochemistry, tree biotechnology, transgenics, Tree biotechnology
Marshall, Peter Plants and Forests, Forest measurements, Forest stand dynamics
Martin, Tara biodiversity, climate change, climate models, conservation, ecological monitoring, ecology, land-use change, landscape ecology, landscape planning, modelling
Meitner, Michael forest aesthetics and scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, environmental visualization, geographic information systems, visual perception, agent-based modeling, Public involment in planning, sustainability leadership
Montwe, David
Nelson, Harry William analyzing natural and environmental resource policy with an emphasis on forestry and in developing new policy options that can help enhance the long run sustainability of Canadian forests and the communities and businesses that rely upon them
Nesbitt, Lorien
Prescott, Cindy Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes, Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Landscape and Restoration, Land and Soil, ecological restoration, soil organic matter, nutrient cycling
Renneckar, Scott Advanced renewable materials, biopolymer structure characterization, Clean fractionation of biomass, Electrospinning Fibers, Nanocellulose, Self-assembly of biopolymers
Rhemtulla, Jeanine Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Ecological Trends, Landscape and Restoration, Environment Management and Protection, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity, Landscape ecology & spatial analysis, Ecosystem services, Reforestation, Conservation & Poverty Alleviation, socio-ecological systems, Temperate & tropical forest & agroforestry systems
Richardson, John Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes, Ecological Trends, Fresh Water, Environment and Habitats, Ecology, freshwater biology, food webs, streams, forest
Ritland, Kermit statistical genetics, Population genetics, genomics, plant mating systems
Roeser, Dominik Forest Operations, Wildfire Operations, Biomass supply systems, Feedstock quality improvements, Technology transfer of harvesting technologies in different operational environments, Small scale harvesting systems, Small scale bioenergy solutions
Saddler, John Biotechnology, microbiology