Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics is the ideal program for those who strive to invent new devices, advance science, and pursue careers at the leading edge of high-technology, both locally and internationally.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Affleck, Ian Keith Condensed matter theory, quantum magnetism, quantum impurities, high-Tc superconductivity, low dimensional magnetism, quantum wires and dots, high energy theory, impurities in metals
Bagger, Jonathan High energy physics; String theory; Bagger-Lambert-Gustavsson action; Supersymmetry; Superspace; Supergravity
Berciu, Mona condensed matter theory; strongly correlated systems; polarons, bipolarons
Boley, Aaron Astronomy and Astrophysics; Planet formation, protoplanetary disk evolution, formation of meteorite parent bodies
Bonn, Douglas Andrew Condensed matter, high temperature superconductors, microwave measurements, crystal growth
Bryman, Douglas Particle physics, experimental; Experimental Particle Physics; Applied physics; physics
Burke, Sarah Scanning probe microscopy, organic materials, nanoscale materials, surface physics, photovoltaics
Choptuik, Matthew Theoretical physics, Relativity/Computational Physics
Damascelli, Andrea Electronic structure of solids, strongly correlated electron systems, low dimensional spin systems, thin films and nanostructures, transition metal oxides, high-Tc superconductors, linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopies, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, synchrotron based spectroscopies., Electronic structure of novel complex systems in nanostructured materials
Folk, Joshua Quantum devices; Majorana fermions; Strongly correlated electronics; Topological phenomena; Fractional quantum Hall effect; Vanderwaals heterostructures
Franz, Marcel Condensed matter theory
Gay, Colin Experimental subatomic physics, Beyond Standard Model physics, Extra dimensions
Gladman, Brett Astronomy, Planetary Science, meteorites, astrobiology, Solar system formation and evolution
Halpern, Mark Cosmology, Cosmic background radiation, history of star formation, measuring the geometry and contents of the Universe, satellites, balloon-borne telescopes, the physics of music, Physics of music, Cosmic Microwave Background, Physical Cosmology, Star formation history
Hasinoff, Michael Low-energy particle physics
Hearty, Christopher Subatomic physics, Experimental Particle Physics Research
Heyl, Jeremy Quantum Phenomena; Stellar; Astrophysics; Stellar Physics; Quantum-Field Theory; Neutron Stars; Black Holes
Hickson, Paul cosmology, galaxies, telescopes, adaptive optics., Astronomy, astrophysics, Galaxies, clusters, instrumentation, adaptive optics
Hinshaw, Gary cosmology, cosmic background radiation, Cosmology, Measuring diffuse background radiations
Jones, David Atomic, optical and molecular physics,Ultrafast Optics, Spectroscopy
Karczmarek, Joanna String theory; Matrix models; Emergent spacetime and gravity; Noncommutative geometry
Kiefl, Robert Quantum Phenomena; condensed matter physics; polarons; multiferroics; superconductivity; magnetism
Kruecken, Reiner Elementary Particles; Universe Structure; Nuclear Physics; Nuclear Astrophysics; Neutrino Physics
Lister, Alison Particle physics, experimental; Large Hadron Collier (LHC); ATLAS experiment; Search for physics beyond the standard model; top quarks; dark matter; Machine Learning; Long-lived particles
Madison, Kirk Condensed matter, atomic, molecular and optical physics
Marziali, Andre Teaching methods, pedagogy, Robotics in education, Nanotechnology, Engineering Physics, Genomics, Biophysics, Genomics Technologies
Matthews, Jaymie Mark Stellar seismology, stellar structure and evolution, exoplanets, magnetic peculiar stars, photometry and spectroscopy, space astronomy
Mattison, Thomas Subatomic physics, Particle & Nuclear Physics, Applied Physics
McKenna, Janis Experimental Particle Physics; Instrumentation
Michal, Carl Nuclear magnetic resonance, biological and energy storage materials
Milner, Valery Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics; Ultrafast Quantum Coherent Control; Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Oser, Scott Elementary Particles; particle physics; neutrinos; dark matter; statistical methods for physics
Plotkin, Steven Biophysics theory and computation
Rahmim, Arman medical physics; Molecular imaging; Image Reconstruction; Quantitative Imaging; Machine learning and radiomics; Theranostics
Raussendorf, Robert Measurement-based models for quantum computation, fault-tolerant quantum computation under geometric constraints, quantum cellular automata
Reinsberg, Stefan Medical physics, MRIs
Rottler, Joerg Solids; Polymers; Nanomaterials; Condensed Matter and Materials Physics; Soft Matter
Rozali, Moshe String theory, high energy physics, quantum field theory, cosmology and classical gravitational physics
Schleich, Kristin Theoretical physics, general relativity
Scott, Douglas Science and Knowledge; Cosmology
Semenoff, Gordon Walter Theoretical and mathematical physics, the physics of elementary particles, condensed matter physics; String theory, quantum field theory, statistical mechanics; Moedal experiment, Large Hadron Collider, CERN
Sigurdson, Kris The Universe, Cosmology, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Particle Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmic Microwave Background, Cosmic 21-cm Fluctuations, Radio Astronomy, CHIME
Sossi, Vesna Medical Imaging, Brain imaging
Stairs, Ingrid pulsars, gravity, general relativity, radio astronomy, radio pulsars, pulsar searches and long-term timing, Radio astronomy
Stamp, Philip C Theoretical physics, strongly-correlated condensed matter systems, quantum magnetism, decoherence, quantum information, gravity
Unruh, William black holes; cosmology; quantum computers; theory of gravity
Van Raamsdonk, Mark elementary particle theory, high energy theory.  , String theory, quantum field theory, quantum gravity
Van Waerbeke, Ludovic astrophysics, cosmology, dark energy, universe, gravitational lensing, galaxy, galaxies, Cosmology, dark matter, galaxy formation, structure formation
Waltham, Christopher Musical Acoustics
Whitehead, Lorne Applied physics, especially novel geometrical approaches; Applied optics; Illuminating engineering and display technology