Computer Science

Computer Science covers Bayesian statistics and applications, bioinformatics, computational intelligence (computational vision, automated reasoning, multi-agent systems, intelligent interfaces, and machine learning), computer communications, databases, distributed and parallel systems, empirical analysis of algorithms, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, hybrid systems, integrated systems design, networks, network security, networking and multimedia, numerical methods and geometry in computer graphics, operating systems, programming languages, robotics, scientific computation, software engineering, visualization, and theoretical aspects of computer science (computational complexity, computational geometry, analysis of complex graphs, and parallel processing).


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Beschastnikh, Ivan cloud computing; distributed systems; software engineering; software analysis
Bowman, William programming languages
Carenini, Giuseppe Artificial intelligence, user modeling, decision theory, machine learning, social issues in computing, computational linguistics, information visualization
Conati, Cristina artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, affective computing, personalized interfaces, intelligent user interfaces, intelligent interface agents, virtual agent, user-adapted interaction, computer-assisted education, educational computer games, computers in education, user-adaptive interaction, Artificial intelligence, adaptive interfaces, cognitive systems, user modelling
Condon, Anne Algorithms; Molecular Programming
Evans, William Algorithms; Theoretical Computer Science; Computer Sciences and Mathematical Tools; theoretical computer science; computational geometry; graph drawing; program compression
Feeley, Michael Distributed systems, operating systems, workstation and pc clusters
Friedlander, Michael numerical optimization, numerical linear algebra, scientific computing, Scientific computing
Friedman, Joel Computer Science Theory; Algebraic Graph Theory; Combinatorics
Fu, Hu algorithmic game theory
Garcia, Ronald programming language semantics, design, and implementation, including language support for library-centric and modular software development, generic and generative programming, and domain specific languages and libraries.
Greenstreet, Mark Dynamic systems, formal methods, hybrid systems, differential equations
Greif, Chen Numerical Analysis; scientific computing; numerical linear algebra; iterative linear solvers; constrained optimization; numerical solution of partial differential equations
Harvey, Nicholas randomized algorithms, combinatorial optimization, graph sparsification, discrepancy theory and learning theory; algorithmic problems arising in computer networking, including cache analysis, load balancing, data replication, peer-to-peer networks, and network coding.
Holmes, Reid computer science; software engineering; software testing; software quality; open source software; software development tools; software comprehension; static analysis
Hu, Alan formal verification; formal methods; model checking; software analysis; post-silicon validation; security; nonce to detect automated mining of profiles
Hutchinson, Norman Computer Systems; distributed systems; File Systems; Virtualization
Kiczales, Gregor MOOCs, Blended Learning, Flexible Learning, University Strategy for Flexible and Blended Learning, Computer Science Education, Programming Languages, Programming languages, aspect-oriented programming, foundations, reflections and meta programming, software design
Lakshmanan, Laks data management and data cleaning; data warehousing and OLAP; data and text mining; analytics on big graphs and news; social networks and media; recommender systems
Leyton-Brown, Kevin Artificial Intelligence; Algorithms; Theoretical Computer Science; Resource Allocation; Computer Science and Statistics; Machine Learning; game theory; Auction theory
Little, James Artificial intelligence, computational vision, geographic information systems, robotics
MacLean, Karon Information Systems; human-computer interaction; haptic interfaces; human-robot interaction; design of user interfaces
McGrenere, Joanna human-computer interaction; personalized user interfaces; universal usability; interactive technologies for older users and people with cognitive disorders; computer supported cooperative work (CSCW); computer science
Mitchell, Ian safety critical systems, assistive technology (mobility), robotics, scientific computing, cyber-physical systems, Mathematical software, computational science and engineering, hybrid and cyber-physical systems, verification and validation, reproducible research, level set methods, robotic path, planning
Munzner, Tamara Human-centered computing; visualization; information visualization; visual analytics; data science
Murphy, Gail Software Development; software engineering; software evolution; software design; knowledge worker productivity
Ng, Raymond Tak-yan Data mining and analysis, health informatics, text summarization, text mining
Pai, Dinesh Robotics, computer graphics, medical imaging, neuroscience, sensorimotor computation
Poole, David Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Knowledge Representation; Decision Analysis; Preference Elicitation; Reasoning under Uncertainty; Probabilistic Graphical Models; Relational Learning
Pottinger, Rachel Computer Science and Statistics; databases; data management; data integration; metadata management
Rensink, Ronald vision, attention, consciousness, interface design, Cognitive vision
Rhodin, Helge Shape Recognition and Computer Graphics; Virtual Reality; Neuronal Systems; Computer Vision; computer graphics; Machine Learning
Schmidt, Mark Machine learning; Numerical Optimizaiton; Probabilistic Graphical Models; Causality
Seltzer, Margo Computer Systems; Data Quality; Storage; Machine Learning & Systems; Systems for capturing and accessing data provenance; File Systems; databases; Transaction processing systems; Storage and analysis of graph-structured data; New architectures for parallelizing execution; Systems that apply technology to problems in healthcare.; Artificial Intelligence; Decision-making & Action; Software Practices; Networks, Systems and Security
Sheffer, Alla Computer graphics, shape modeling and geometry processing
Shepherd, Frederick algorithms, optimization, convex geometry, and graph theory
Sigal, Leonid Artificial Intelligence; Computer Science and Statistics; Parametric and Non-Parametric Inference; Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Visual Recognition and Understanding; Vision + Natural Language Processing; Semantic Recognition
Van de Panne, Michiel Computer Science and Statistics; Computer Sciences and Mathematical Tools; Robotics and Automation; simulation of human movement; computer animation; Robotics; deep reinforcement learning; motor control; computer graphics
Wagner, Alan Parallel computation, interconnection networks, parallel programming environments
Wood, Frank Donald Probabilistic programming; Probabilistic programming systems; New models and inference algorithms; Computational neuroscience; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Probabilistic models; vision; Natural Language Processing; Robotics; Reinforcement learning
Xiao, Robert human-computer interaction; Virtual/augmented reality
Yi, Kwang
Yoon, Dongwook Computer Science and Statistics; Design; Educational Technologies; Human-computer interaction (HCI); Multimodal interaction; Interaction and interface design; computer supported cooperative work (CSCW); Educational technology; Virtual Reality; Augmented reality; Speech, touch, multitouch, stylus, gesture, mixed-reality, 3d interaction


Barry Po

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhD)