Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

The Department of Ophthalmology will strive for excellence in health care delivery, education and research. The mission of the staff of the department is to:

  • Provide exemplary patient care to set standards and to establish a base for outstanding teaching and research programs in Ophthalmology
  • Disseminate and preserve knowledge for medical students and post–graduate students and provide continuing medical education for practising physicians
  • Encourage understanding for patients and families of their eye diseases
  • Lead and provide research programs in both basic science and clinical studies in Ophthalmology to advance knowledge and contribute to the application of new discoveries for the development and advancement of eye care
  • To provide training in clinical and research Ophthalmology to programs in emerging nations.

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Barton, Jason face perception, object recognition, eye movements, higher visual function, Human vision and eye movement
Cynader, Max eye diseases; glaucoma; dyslexia; stroke; neurotrauma; memory; vision; learning disabilities; hearing development; recovery after brain damage; ischemia; gene therapy, Alzheimer's
Etminan, Mahyar Eye and Visual System Diseases, Pharmacoepidemiology, Epidemiology, Oular Epidemiology, Drug Safety, Epidemiologist Study Design, Causal Inference, Cancer Epidemiology
Giaschi, Deborah Vision, Visual System, Sensation and Perception, Eye and Visual System Diseases, Infant / Child Development, amblyopia, reading
Gregory-Evans, Cheryl Tissue fusion during development, Aniridia, retinal therapeutics
Gregory-Evans, Kevin retina, stem cells, gene therapy, retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, age-related macular degeneration, Stargardt’s disease, Best’s disease, x-linked retinoschisis, electroretinography., Eye, novel molcular approaches in the treatment of retinal disease, cell-based therapeutics ofr age-related macular degenration and retinitis pigmentosa, molecular defects underlying retinal disease
Ju, Myeong Jin optical imaging systems, signal processing algorithms, Medical Imaging, cellular resolution functional retinal imaging systems, algorithms for quantitatively imaging biological dynamics in human retina
Lyons, Christopher Pediatric Ophthalmology, Oculoplastics
Maberley, David medical and surgical management of: diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, surgical macular disease, complex retinal detachments, and high myopia
Matsubara, Joanne Aiko Alzheimer's, age-related macular degeneration
Mikelberg, Frederick Samuel Eye and Visual System Diseases, Glaucoma
Moritz, Orson Mechanisms underlying genetically inherited forms of blindness
Oruc, Ipek visual recognition of high level forms such as faces, letters and objects
Shaw, Christopher Paralympics
Spering, Miriam Sensation and Perception, Sensorimotor Integration, Motor System, Locomotor Activity / Movement Disorders, vision, movement, perception and action, eye movements, hand movements, eye-hand coordination, sport vision, Parkinson's disease
Swindale, Nicholas Vaughan Neuronal Modeling, Neuronal Systems, Eye and Visual System Diseases, Visual System
Yeung, Sonia Ocular surface stem cell transplantation for limbal stem cell disease; Alternate sources for ocular surface stem cell transplantation; Limbal stem cell imaging and niche studies; Long-term gene expression in ocular stem cells for therapeutics