Tijana Vujosevic

Assistant Professor

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History and theory of architecture
Modern period, with special expertise in art and architecture of socialism

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Chinese rural architecture between tradition and modernisation (2023)

Since China's reform and opening up, exchange with the international community has gradually become more frequent, and Chinese architecture has benefited from it. Under the political decision of rapid urbanization, the uniqueness of rural architecture seems to be forgotten by most people, leading to the disharmony of rural architecture with the local environment. Under this premise, it is important to study and learn from people about the essence of rural architecture, as a guide for the present and the future.In this thesis the current state of Chinese rural architecture is described as influenced by: globalization, traditional Chinese culture, and self-development of rural architecture. Firstly, I analyze the globalization of technology, materials and living habits, and select architectural examples. Secondly, through the integration of traditional Chinese culture, Feng Shui theory and traditional Chinese housing, the influence of traditional Chinese factors in contemporary architectural culture on rural architecture is investigated. Finally, I discuss the development direction of rural architecture by analyzing the loss of population, the construction of public infrastructure and the historical legacy of the countryside. Through the combination of the above, the problems faced in improving rural architecture today are explored.

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  • Homage to the Sad Space Bitch (2020)
    Thresholds ,
  • Review of Anson Rabinbach, The Eclipse of Utopias of Labour (2019)
    Thesis Eleven,
  • The Everyday as the Soviet Gesamtkunstwerk (2019)
    Thesis Eleven,
  • Of Animals and Seas: Menageries as Representations of Yugoslav Global and Local Space in the Cold War Era’ (2018)
    Cultural Geographies,
  • Review of Adam Sharr and Stephen Thornton, Demolishing Whitehall: Leslie Martin, Harold Wilson and the Architecture of White Heat (2018)
    Architectural History,
  • Modernism and the Making of the Soviet New Man (2017)
    Manchester University Press,
  • ’I am Barbarogenius’: Yugoslav Avant-garde and the Limits of Performativity (2016)
    Slavic and East European Journal,
  • The Communist Egosphere (2015)
    Dom Narkomfin,
  • The Flying Proletarian: Soviet Citizens at the Thresholds of Utopia (2015)
    Grey Room,
  • Frank Lloyd Wright, Ayn Rand, and Hyper-Capitalist Utopia (2014)
    Serbian Architectural Journal,
  • Review of Martino Stierli, ‘Las Vegas in the Rearview Mirror: The city in Theory, Photography and Film (2014)
    Architectural Histories,
  • Living Efficiently (2013)
    Open: Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians of Australia and New Zealand,
  • Soviet Modernity and the Aesthetics of Gleam: The Moscow Metro in Collective Construction Histories (2013)
    Journal of Design History,
  • Tahiti Redesigned: A Tale of Hyper-Sustainability (2013)
  • The Soviet Banya and the Mass-Production of Hygiene (2013)
    Architectural Histories,
  • Problemy prostranstva sovetskogo byta 20-ih I 30-ih godov v zapadnoy istoriografii [Problems of the Space of Soviet Everyday Life in Western Historiography] (2009)

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