Transfer Between Closely-Related Programs

Forms: Transfer Between Related Master's Graduate Programs

             Transfer Between Related PhD Graduate Programs

In exceptional cases, a student may transfer between closely-related programs (e.g. Botany and Plant Science), or from one degree program to another, with an academic justification from the graduate program advisor or department head of the new program and the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.


  • A recommendation to transfer comes from the receiving graduate program
  • It must be supported by an academic justification and a review of the student’s academic qualifications.
  • There must be evidence of consultation with the student’s current graduate program.
  • The effective date of transfer must correspond with the beginning of a term, and must not be earlier than the beginning of the term in which the transfer is recommended.
  • Transfers between programs involving a change of discipline are treated as new admissions.
  • Transferring between programs does not change the maximum time allowed for completion of degree program.


  • Current and receiving graduate programs discuss transfer with student.
  • The receiving graduate program downloads and completes the “Transfer Between Related Master’s Graduate Programs” or "Transfer Between Related PhD Graduate Programs" form, and attaches a copy of the student’s request for transfer and other required documentation.
  • Student, supervisor, current graduate program advisor, and new graduate program advisor sign the form indicating their approval.
  • Program sends the form to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
  • For information on transfer of credits from one program to another, see Policies & Procedures/Course Registration/Transfer Credit.