Transcript of Academic Record

UBC Calendar: Academic Record

The transcript is a student's official academic record and includes the student's complete record at the University. Student records and transcripts are confidential and transcripts will be issued only at the request of the student or appropriate agencies or officials.

Apply for a transcript online or in person at Brock Hall. Please allow at least one week from the date the application is made. Transcripts will not be issued to students who have any outstanding fees, including library and other charges, to the University. Fees for transcripts are payable in advance; transcripts will not be provided until payment is received.

Students are encouraged to order transcripts as early as possible. Transcripts may be requested up to six months in advance of a due date.

UBC Calendar: Transcript of Academic Record

Official transcripts are confidential and are only released on written request from the student. All transcripts issued to the student are officially sealed in individual envelopes and may be either mailed to the student or picked up. Transcripts issued to an institution, company, or agency are mailed directly to their address in confidential envelopes marked transcript of record. Third-party requests must be accompanied by a signed authorization from the student.

Each transcript will include the student's complete record at the University. Since credit earned is determined on the results of final examinations, a transcript will not include results of midterm examinations.

No transcript will be issued to or for a student who has not made arrangements satisfactory to the Department of Financial Services to meet any outstanding indebtedness to the University.

Requests for transcripts should be made in advance to allow time for processing. Payment must be included with requests. Transcripts will not be provided until payment is received.

Students may order transcripts through the Student Service Centre. For more information about other ways to order, visit the Student Services website, or email the transcripts department.