Review of Assigned Standing

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Reviews of assigned standing are governed by the following regulations:

  1. Any request for the review of an assigned grade must reach Enrolment Services no later than July 15 for the Winter Session, and not later than October 15 for the Summer Session, and must be accompanied by the necessary fee for each course concerned which will be refunded only if the mark is raised.
  2. Each applicant for a review must state clearly why he or she believes the course deserves a grade higher than it received; pleas on compassionate grounds should not form part of this statement. Prospective applicants should remember that under Senate regulations instructors must re-examine all failing grades and indicate in their records that this has been done.
  3. Reviews will not be permitted in more than two courses in the work of one academic year, and in one course in a partial program of 18 credits or fewer or in the work of Term 1 or 2 of a Summer Session.

Supplemental examinations are not granted to students registered in a graduate program or to undergraduate students enrolled in a graduate course.

Download the application form or pick up a copy from Enrolment Services.