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Students planning to graduate must submit an application regardless of whether or not they intend to participate in the scheduled ceremonies. If the request to graduate is not approved by the student’s faculty, a reapplication for the next Congregation will be required.

Rolling Graduation

In May 2019 UBC Senate approved the discontinuation of rolling graduation.

September 2019 was the last instance of rolling graduation. Graduate students now apply to graduate in either May or November, as before. Nothing else has changed. Students’ programs will be closed as soon as they have completed their requirements; they will immediately be able to download a letter of completion from the SSC, and will be eligible for tuition fee refunds for the remainder of the term, as before.


Following program completion, degrees are awarded by UBC Senate. “Congregation” refers to the ceremony of graduation at which degrees are formally conferred by the UBC Chancellor, and official parchments (degree certificates) are provided.