Delay in Start of Program


UBC Calendar:,204,340,1633

This policy was approved by UBC Senate on October 18, 2017 and is now in effect. The full text of the policy is below.

Students admitted to on-campus master’s and doctoral programs are expected to be present at UBC and to attend classes or commence academic work on the first day of term and no later than the Change of Registration (Course Drop/Withdrawal) deadline for their first term; that is, two weeks from the beginning of term.

In the event of unusual or extenuating circumstances, an exception for a delayed start date may be granted by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, upon the recommendation of the Graduate Program. If however, in the assessment of the Graduate Program and the Faculty, a delay in start of program may have a detrimental effect on the student’s academic performance and well-being in the first and subsequent terms, an exception will not be granted and admission will be deferred to a subsequent term.