Deferred Standing

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Deferred standing may be appropriate if a student has a valid reason for not completing course requirements as scheduled (e.g. medical or personal problems of a very unusual nature), but there is reason to believe that the requirements can be completed with an extension of time.

Procedure for requesting Deferred Standing

To request Deferred standing, the student's graduate program advisor or designate completes a "Request for Deferred Standing in Coursework" form immediately after the end of the course. The following information is required on the form:

  1. Course information: start date, term(s), name, number, section, dates, credit value, etc.
  2. The date the student last attended the course.
  3. The reasons for recommending Deferred standing, and any documentation (e.g. note from doctor or medical professional).
  4. An interim grade provided by the course instructor, based on work completed in the course so far.

IMPORTANT: The interim grade must be a grade based on the work completed to date, assuming that no further work will be submitted. It must not be an estimate of the grade the student may receive if he/she completes the outstanding work.

Grad Studies will enter the interim grade and Deferred standing in the student’s record. Once the deadline for completing the work has passed, programs must submit a Change of Grade form to Grad Studies with the new grade for all the work completed. The Deferred standing will be removed and the new grade entered. If the work is not completed, the Deferred standing will be removed, and the interim grade will remain as the final grade for the course.


Students granted Deferred standing in Winter Session courses must complete all outstanding course requirements by August 23 following. Students granted Deferred standing in Summer Session courses must complete all outstanding work by December 25 following. (See Campus-wide Policies and Regulations in the Calendar.)