Deferred Admission


With program approval, students may change the start date of their programs to within twelve months of the original start date without having to re-apply or pay an additional application fee. If the new start date is in a new academic year, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will retain the program’s portion of the application fee to cover additional administrative costs.

A change of start date is available only to students who have actually been admitted to one academic year and who then ask to start their program in another academic year. It does NOT apply to applicants who have not been admitted, and who want their application to be considered again for a new admission date. They must re-apply in that case.

The maximum change of start date is twelve months.

If they prefer, programs may ask students to re-apply for the new academic year rather than change the start date.

Change of Start Date and Deferral of Admissions Summary