Main points

  • Regular attendance is expected of students in all their classes, including lectures, laboratories, tutorials, seminars, etc.  
  • Students may not, concurrently with their University attendance, take studies for university degree credit through any other institution by correspondence, evening or regular session class without the approval of the dean of the faculty in which they are studying at the University.
  • The University will provide academic accommodation to students with disabilities in accordance with the British Columbia Human Rights Code, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. See Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities.
  • Any request for academic concession must be clearly expressed. See Academic Concession.
  • Religious observance may preclude attending classes or examinations at certain times. See Board of Governors Policy #65, Religious Holidays.


Students with a disability who wish to have an academic accommodation should contact the Disability Resource Centre without delay. See Board of Governors Policy #73, Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities.