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An unclassified student is one who is enrolled for studies not intended to lead to a particular degree or diploma. Unclassified students should have a recognized degree. A student may also enroll as an unclassified student for the following reasons:

  • to upgrade the grade point averages by taking additional courses at the senior undergraduate level; or
  • to make up specific prerequisite courses which are required for admission into specific graduate programs; or
  • to make up one additional year because the applicant only holds a three-year undergraduate degree.

Students may be asked to take a load of up to 30 credits, depending on the deficiency. Applicants with a three-year degree (equivalent to 90 credits) must take the full 30 credits. The courses that make up these credits must include the specific courses that the student has to take in order to fulfill prerequisite requirements, as the marks required (minimum number of credits, minimum average, minimum number of credits with first class marks) to demonstrate an acceptable level of academic achievement must be specified.

Admission as an unclassified student does not guarantee that the student will be able to register for any course offered, nor does it imply future admission as a regular student.

Courses taken as an unclassified (or non-degree) student may be approved for transfer toward a graduate program on permission of the Department and the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, provided they have not been used as part of the basis for admission.

Consistent with standard transfer credit regulations, students are limited to transferring a maximum of 12 credits or up to 40% of the program credit requirements, whichever is more, toward their master's program. No more than six credits of transfer credit may be at the undergraduate level (300-400). To be eligible for transfer, a minimum B standing must have been achieved and the course(s) must not have been counted toward the completion of another degree or diploma program.

Students with a failed year in a faculty will not be admitted as unclassified students until they have discontinued their studies for at least one year. After a second failed year admission as an unclassified student will be subject to the approval of the Senate Admissions Committee.

Tuition fees for Unclassified and Access Studies are assessed on a per credit basis, taking into consideration the year level of the course and the faculty offering it. All student fees will be assessed as noted in Student Fees.

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