Mitacs Training

Mitacs Training provides both online and inperson professional skills development courses for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  Their curriculum is designed to build competencies in four key areas: Leadership & Management, Communication & Relationship Building, Personal & Professional Management, and Entrepreneurialism.  Course topics include Business Writing, Foundations of Project Management, Career Professionalism, Managing Project Timelines, Writing Effective emails and more.



Title Description Date Theme
Networking Skills

You’ve all heard the saying “you are only as good as your network,” but have you ever wondered how to get one?

This course is designed to provide insight and interaction along with the know how to build and stabilize business relationships through effective networking.

18 May 2021 - 9:00am Community and Network Building, Writing and Communication
Business Writing

No matter what field you’re working in, written communication is a critical part of your day-to-day duties. Regardless of your comfort or skill level, you can benefit from learning techniques to entice your readers and achieve your goals. This course will help all professionals hone their writing skills using proven techniques and processes.

27 May 2021 - 9:00am Professional Effectiveness, Writing and Communication
Time Management

This energetic, intensive one-day course will sharpen your professional time management skills and optimize your working week. Building on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) best practices, methodologies, and productivity tactics, the workshop provides tools and techniques that can be applied to a partner industry project or employment-based role.

1 June 2021 - 9:00am Academic Support and Success, Health and Wellness
Project Management (2 Days)

Developed by a team of masterful project managers and adult instructors, Project Management 2020 delivers a balance of “core” project management knowledge and skills. These are blended with practical learning on key interpersonal skills essential to successfully achieving project goals.

7 June 2021 - 9:00am Academic Support and Success, Professional Effectiveness


Title Description Theme
Communicating your Research (online course)

This short online course highlights the importance of communicating well and focuses on three common communication opportunities that researchers face on a regular basis:

  1.     Presentation skills;
  2.     Writing skills; and
  3.     Poster creation

Facilitated by Dr. Jenn Gardy, you will learn more about the latest tips and techniques to make sure your next conference talk, email or poster presentation is impactful and memorable.


Research Skills, Writing and Communication
Managing Project Timelines (online course)

This online, on-demand course will help you to reach project deadlines with less stress. Gain techniques and tools to help you create realistic project timelines and manage your time and energy. At the end of the course, you will:

Professional Effectiveness, Research Skills
Practical Tips for Growing Your Network (online course)

This short online, on-demand course will help you get the knowledge you need to build your network! Your time at graduate school will be filled with opportunities to make connections in and outside of your field. This course will give you the information you’ll need to make the most of each opportunity.

Building a strong personal and professional network may be one of the single most important things you can do for your career.  Learn how to plan, prepare, build and foster your network and watch opportunities unfold in front of you.

Community and Network Building, Professional Effectiveness
Time Management (online course)

If you find yourself frequently running out of time on a project or impending deadlines are making you anxious, this course is here to help. You’ll learn how to make the most of every minute, avoid procrastination and other “time thieves,” and create achievable plans and schedules, based on project management best practices.


Academic Support and Success, Health and Wellness, Professional Effectiveness
Writing Effective Emails (online course)

In this online, on-demand course, you will gain the confidence to communicate effectively and learn valuable ways to finesse your email etiquette. Learn how to:

  • Draft concise emails with clear information and direction
  • Use email appropriately within the work environment


Professional Effectiveness, Writing and Communication
Writing Strategic Business Reports (online course)

In this online, on-demand course you will learn how to write clear and strategic business reports that achieve their intended purpose.  Learn to:

  • Tailor a report for its intended function and audience
  • How to make a positive impression with the readers


Professional Effectiveness, Writing and Communication