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alumni UBC provides career education for every stage of your professional life. Their innovative collection of programs and resources, many available to current graduate students, connect you to a vast network of UBC graduates and empower you to design a meaningful and fulfilling work life, aligned with your education, strengths and values.



Title Description Theme
The UBC Hub, Online Career Mentors

Create a free profile on The UBC Hub to connect with a UBC alumni mentor from anywhere in the world. Gain insight on global job markets and industries, receive feedback on your job search materials and online profile, or conduct informational interviews.

Career Exploration, Community and Network Building
Your Next Step page

Your Next Step brings together valuable career resources from across UBC to help graduating students and alumni make the most of their talents, interests, and education in a changing world of work.

Career Exploration, Community and Network Building
"Your Next Step" Podcast

Do you want to feel inspired and motivated? Find out how, in the middle of a pandemic, our alumni from around the world are rethinking what it means to be a leader. Your Next Career Step is a podcast miniseries with a new episode airing every two weeks. On the first four episodes, we explore the idea of ‘Adapting through Change’. Now we will be taking you on a journey about exploring your possibilities.

Career Exploration