Social Work

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Baines, Donna
Bratiotis, Christiana
Charles, Grant Psychosocial oncology, intellectual disabilities, family interventions and at risk youth
Ibrahim, Mohamed
Kia, Hannah
Kruk, Edward Andrew child and family policy and practice, family mediation, co-parenting after divorce, addiction
Lee, Barbara
Marshall, Sheila adolescent social identity, parent-adolescent interactions, adolescent well-being
O'Connor, Deborah family support to frail or mentally impaired seniors; formal support services, Dementia, the interface between living with dementia, family care, and the use of formal support services
Quinn, Ashley
Riano-Alcala, Pilar Lived experience of violence, Historical Memory and the politics of commemoration and witnessing, Forced migration (internal displacement and refuge), Critical and participatory methodologies, Community organizing, everyday resistance and social repair, Public art
Stainton, Timothy Developmental Disability, Disability, Social Policy, History of Developmental Disability, Philosophy of Welfare
Yan, Miu Chung Issues related to settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees, labour market experience of new generation youth from racial minority immigrant families, and community building roles and functions of neighbourhood-level place-based multiservice organizations