English offers two areas: English Language and English Literature

The English Language program includes specializations in history and structure of language, discourse and genre analysis, and history and theory of rhetoric. Faculty members in the Language program teach and supervise research in descriptive linguistics, historical linguistics, cognitive linguistics, functional grammar, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, stylistics, genre studies, and history and theory of rhetoric.

The English Literature program includes specializations across the periods, genres, and major figures of British, North American and World Literature in English. Current research initiatives on the part of faculty include such diverse topics as the ecocritical study of Renaissance drama; the triumph of transport in Romantic poetry; the impact of radio and television on modernist poetics; the politics of post-identity in Asian American literature, and the role of war and its traumatic shocks in twentieth-century Canadian, U.S. and British literature.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Al-Kassim, Dina Artistic and Literary Theories; Arts, Literature and Subjectivity; Arts and Cultural Traditions; Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools and Styles; Identity and Transnationality; Sexuality; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; Gender Relationship; postcolonial; anti-colonial; feminist; queer theory; psychoanalysis; Subjectivity; comparative literature: Arabic, English, French
Anger, Suzy Victorian Literature, Literature and Philosophy, Victorian Literature and Psychology, Victorian Literature and Science, Hermeneutics
Antwi, Phanuel critical black studies; settler colonial studies; black Atlantic and diaspora studies; Canadian literature and culture since 1830; critical race, gender, and sexuality studies; and material cultures;
Arnovick, Leslie Katherine Oral tradition, business and technical writing, history and structure of the English language, linguistics
Badir, Patricia Early Modern Drama; Shakespeare; Medieval Drama; Early Modern Literature and Religion; Shakespeare in Canada; Canadian Modernism
Briggs, Marlene war and conflict; cultural transmission and reception of the First World War (1914-1918) in modern and contemporary British literature
Brinton, Laurel Modern English Grammar, History of the English Language, English Usage, English Dictionaries, Pragmatics of English, Discourse Markers, Language Change, Computers and Language Study, History of English
Burgess, Miranda Arts, Literature and Subjectivity; British and Irish Romanticism; riparian and oceanic studies; poetics; history of media and mediation; history of feeling (affect, emotion, sensation); history of literary form
Cavell, Richard Anthony Media and Society; Media Influence on Behavior; Media Types (Radio, Television, Written Press, etc.); media studies; media theory
Chapman, Mary Ann Arts and Cultural Traditions; Arts and Literary Policies; Arts and Technologies; Arts, Literature and Subjectivity; Social Determinants of Arts and Letters; Artistic and Literary Marginality; Artistic and Cultural Heritage; Artist or Author Social Identity; Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools and Styles; Artistic and Literary Theories; Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; Literary or Artistic Work Dissemination or Reception Contexts; Literary or Artistic Works Analysis; Writing and Literary Experimentation; Poetry; Novel and Short Story; Essays; Gender Relationship; Audiences and Mass Media; Media and Democratization; Media and Society; Media Influence on Behavior; Civil and Social Responsibilities of Media; Stereotypes; Electoral System; Printing Art; Persuasion Strategies; Social Movements; Publics; Performance and Theatrical Productions; Social Networks; American Literature; Asian American Literature; Asian Canadian Literature; Suffrage; Public Pedagogy of the Arts; Public Humanities
Dalziel, Pamela Victorian-literature, Victorian-culture, visual-representation, illustration, gender-studies, religion, interdisciplinary-studies, textual-criticism, scholarly-editing, Thomas-Hardy, Charles-Dickens, George-Eliot
Dancygier, Barbara Linguistics, grammar
De Villiers, Jessica Linguistics
Deer, Glenn discourse studies, the rhetoric of power in narrative fiction, and postmodernism and Canadian Literature
Dick, Alexander Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; Artistic and Literary Theories; Arts, Literature and Subjectivity; British Romanticism; Scottish Enlightenment; Literature and Economics; Literature and the Environment; Literature and Science; Scottish Literature
Dollinger, Stefan Language Contact and Linguistic Changes; Linguistic Variation and Society; Lexicography and Dictionaries; Language Interactions; Language Rights and Policies; Bilingualism and Multilingualism
Earle, Bo British Romanticism, Critical Theory, Philosophy and Literature
Echard, Sian Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; Literary or Artistic Work Dissemination or Reception Contexts; Modes and Strategies of Dissemination; Poetry; Media Types (Radio, Television, Written Press, etc.); History of the Book; Medieval literature; Arthurian literature; Anglo-Latin literature; Manuscript studies; John Gower
Frank, Adam Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, media, and poetics, science and technology studies, theories and histories of affect and feeling, rhetoric of science
Guy-Bray, Stephen Renaissance poetry
Hill, Ian rhetoric, persuasion, argumentation, technology, weapons, interrogation, political economy, war rhetoric, conflict rhetoric, dissent, mass movements
Hodgson, Elizabeth English Renaissance
Hudson, Nicholas James Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; social class; studies of race; studies of language; literature and history
Hunt, Dallas Indigenous literatures; Indigenous theory & politics; Canadian Literature; Speculative fiction; settler colonial studies; Environmental justice; urban Indigeneity in the ‘reconciliation era’; histories of settler colonialism on the prairies; small, Indigenous publishing houses; settler replacement narratives and Indigenous futurities; poetry of Anishinaabe writer Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
Justice, Daniel Aboriginal, First Nations, Metis, Indigenous, Aboriginal literature, Aboriginal cultures, Aboriginal history, Aboriginal Studies, First Nations Studies, badgers, animal studies, cultural studies, GLBT issues, Queer Studies, sexuality, First Nations Studies Program, Indigenous Literature and Expressive Culture
Kesler, Roland Lincoln First nations
Kim, Christine Asian North American literature and theory; Canadian Literature; Diaspora Studies; Cultural Studies
Lee, Christopher Asian North American literatures and cultures, Asian diaspora studies, American Studies, race and ethnicity, aesthetic philosophy, critical theory
Mackie, Gregory Victorian Literature, drama, and book history
McNeilly, Kevin Literary theory, music history
Moss, Laura Public poetry, public policy, strategic nationalism
Mota, Miguel Post-1945 British literature, print culture
Nardizzi, Vincent Renaissance literature , ecotheory, queer and disability studies
Paltin, Judith Literary or Artistic Work Analysis; Artistic and Literary Theories; Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools and Styles; Modernist Studies; Cultural Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Literature and Music; Literature and Mind
Pareles, Marissa mutual construction of species; sexual and ethnic difference in medieval English religious literature
Partridge, Stephen Middle Ages
Rouse, Robert Medieval Literatures; Environment, space and place
Segal, Judy Public discourse and personal experience(health and illness)
Severs, Jeffrey Humanities and the arts; American Literature; Postmodernism
Stickles, Elise Mental Representation; Grammar; Pragmatics; Semantics; Syntax; Imagery; Symbolism; Gestural, Verbal Communications; Public Communication; Data mining
Tomc, Sandra Nineteenth-century US literature, twentieth- century US entertainment and film, gothic literature and film, screenwriting, affect and psychoanalytic theory, fear and horror, film and image theory
Troeung, Y-Dang Transnational Asian literatures; Critical refugee studies; Global south studies; Genealogies of colonialism, war, and militarism in Southeast Asia and its diasporas
Vessey, Mark classical/Christian literary culture in late antiquity; European Renaissance; church fathers (i.e. Augustine, Jerome); Erasmus; bible and book history, Biblical and classical traditions, very early Latin middle ages, intellectual history, 16th century English literature, history of books
Weir, Lorraine Indegenous studies
Wong, Danielle Asian American studies; Asian migration studies; Historical and contemporary relationships between race, Empire, and new technologies; Asian North American new media productions and performances
Woods, Derek Ecology, technology, and modern narrative in relation to the history of science; Harmful and “symbiotic” technologies; Influence of cybernetics on ecology and Earth system science
Zeitlin, Michael American literature, twentieth century and contemporary, Faulkner, Psychoanalysis, Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan


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