Early Childhood Education

Key areas of focus include: theorizing early childhood and early childhood education, research and research methodologies, issues in early childhood curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation, and cross departmental inquiries in early childhood education.


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Faculty Members in Early Childhood Education

Name Research Interests
Anderson, Ann Math education
Asselin, Marlene Children's literatures; Other languages and literature; Cultural Institutions (Museums, Libraries, etc.); early literacy; International development; Language Acquisition and Development; libraries and education; literacy and international development
Bredin, Shannon human motor learning, expertise and development, physical education, teacher preparation and effectiveness, Human motor behaviour (motor learning, development, and expertise), life span physical activity and health, physical and health literacy, health knowledge, health-related physical fitness, interactive gaming, telehealth, psychomotor markers of performance
Corella Morales, Meghan Other languages and literature; Academic Discourse; Children and youth; Discourse Analysis; Language ideology; Sociolinguistics
Early, Margaret Adolescent issues, English as a second Language, language education, literacy, teacher research
Ford, Laurie Early Childhood Assessment, Youth and Families
Gerofsky, Susan Curriculum Studies Research, Mathematics, Media, Semiotics, Text Studies, Pedagogy, Research Design and Method, Technology; gesture; genre; mathematics and the arts; Performance Theory
Gleason, Mona History, archaeology and related studies; history of education; history of children and youth; critical youth studies; gender and sexuality
Gouzouasis, Peter early childhood music education; computer literacy through fine arts and new media; music in mass media; especially jazz, guitar, Music education, Action Research, Artistic and Aesthetic Development, Arts Education, Assessment, Early Childhood Education, Educational Technologies, Literacy, Media, Semiotics, Text Studies, Music, Music Education Research, Non-Formal Learning, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Research Design and Method, Sociological Issues, Teacher Education Research, Teacher Research, Technology
Jamieson, Janet Ruth Education of deaf and hard of hearing students
Keenan, Harper Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Specialized studies in education; Colonialism; early childhood and elementary education; Educational Context; Gender; race; sexuality; teacher education
Li, Guofang longitudinal studies of immigrant children
Petherick, Leanne Curriculum Studies Research; Children & Youth; Feminist Studies; Pedagogy
Renwick, Kerry Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Specialized studies in education; Critical Pedagogy; Educational Policy; Familial Contexts; Health Education; Home Economics; Human and Social Ecology; Public health; teacher education
Vadeboncoeur, Jennifer cultural-historical psychology, child/parent relationships, student/ teacher relationships, play and performance based learning, bridging school and out of school contexts for learning, Alternative schooling and pedagogies, Critical theory, Discourse and critical discourse analysis, ethnography, Qualitative research, Socially constructing knowledge and identity, Sociocultural approaches to learning and teaching, Young people placed

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