Audiology and Speech Sciences

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Ciocca, Valter Auditory System, Perception and Representation, Recognition of Speech, Speech and Language Development Disorders, Auditory grouping of speech and non-speech sounds, also known as "auditory scene analysis", perception and production of normal and disordered speech
Colozzo, Paola Developmental language disorders; language and cognition; discourse, assessment and intervention for children with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds
Herdman, Anthony Auditory System, Visual System, Audiovisual, Visual, Audio and Written Communications, Electrophysiology, Language and Cognitive Processes, Neuroimaging Methods (EEG/MEG), Central auditory processing, Auditory and visual perecptions related to reading acquisition (1st and 2nd languages), Brain computer interface
Howe, Tami Acquired language disorders, aphasia
Jenstad, Lorienne Hearing Disorders, Aging Process, Quality of Life and Aging, Recognition of Speech, Auditory System, hearing aids, aging, audiology, hearing health, amplification
Marinova-Todd, Stefka bilingualism, second language acquisition, language development, literacy, ESL children, children at risk of language difficulties, language disorders in bilingual children and adults, Second language acquisition; language development and language learning difficulties of bilingual children
Shahnaz, Navid Hearing, noise, audiology, ears,  effect of personal listening devices (iPods) on hearing, hearing in infants and adults,   high frequency thresholds, Diagnostic audiology, including multifrequency tympanometry and acoustic reflex studies in adults and newborns
Skoretz, Stacey
Small, Susan Pediatric audiology
Small, Jeff Acquired language and cognitive communication disorders, including dementia and aphasia; adult language processing/psycholinguistics