UBC offers graduate study in the fields of socio-cultural anthropology (including legal, medical, and ecological anthropology, oral and expressive culture, religion, globalization, and applied anthropology), linguistic anthropology, anthropological archaeology, biological anthropology, and museum studies. Faculty research interests include North America, Asia (Russia, India, Japan, Korea and China), Mesoamerica, South America, Oceania, Europe, and Africa.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Blackburn, Carole relationship between Indigenous peoples and settler states; how Indigenous nations assert their rights and sovereignty in struggles over land and political recognition, and the consequences for Indigenous people of engaging states in legal and political arenas.
Bloch, Alexia Social sciences; migration; Gender; Eurasia; Russia; ethnography
Creighton, Millie Japan, Japanese descent communities (Nikkei or Nikkeijin), Korea, Inter-Asian Relations, Identity, Consumerism, Popular and Mass Culture, Gender, Minorities, Work and Leisure
Davis, Wade Latin America, passionate defender of all of life
Gordillo, Gaston Space and violence, affect, ruins and ruination, critical theory and continental philosophy, object-oriented ontologies, resistance to agribusiness, Latin America, Argentina, the Gran Chaco
Gusterson, Hugh Phillimore
Heatherington, Tracey Environmental anthropology; Anthropocene studies; Political ecology of nature conservation; Multi-species ethnography; Power & resistance; Critique of neoliberalism; Sustainable food systems; Ethnographic writing and reflexivity; Anthropological engagements with fiction
Jing, Zhichun Archaeology of Early China Archaeology Geoarchaeology Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology of early China, geoarchaeology, human impact on ancient environments, archaic states and early complex societies, systematic regional survey and analysis, quantitative analysis, environmental archaeology, provenance of archaic jades
Kamat, Vinay Ramnath Global Health and Emerging Diseases; Medical Anthropology; Global Health; ethnography; India; Outsourcing of Clinical Trials; Tanzania; Malaria; East Africa; marine conservation; Dispossession; Extractive Industry; political ecology
Kramer, Jennifer Visual culture and art of the First Nations
Levell, Nicola interdisciplinary folds of anthropology, theoretical museology, material culture and critical curatorial studies
Martindale, Andrew Archeological Data Analysis; Archeological Excavation Methods and Techniques; Prehistory; History of Major Eras, Great Civilisations or Geographical Corpuses; Indigenous Archaeology; Northwest Coast; Oral Traditions; Spatial Analyses; Archaeology and the Law; Political economy; Radiocarbon Dating; Indian Residential Schools
McKellin, William Medical, linguistic and cultural anthropology; socio-linguistics and discourse analysis; clinical medical anthropology; genetics and society; international health; cognitive anthropology; kinship and social organization; Papua New Guinea; Canada.
Menzies, Charles Social sciences; Indigenous studies; Natural Resource Management; Maritime Anthropology; Western Europe; Ethnographic Film
Miller, Bruce Anthropology of Law, ethnography, ethnohistory of Coast Salish of BC and Washington, Indigenes worldwide, state-Indigenous relations
Moore, Patrick Anthropological linguistics, languages of North America, sub-Arctic ethnography, ethno-history, gender, First Nations Languages, Literacy and Orality, Oral Traditions, Dene (Athbaskan Languages and Cultures), Codeswitching, Gender, Indigenous Activism, and the Anthropology of Media
Muehlmann, Shaylih Environmental politics, linguistic anthropology, drug trafficking, indigeneity, water scarcity, the anthropology of the awkward, US-Mexico borderlands, Mexico
Robertson, Leslie Indigenous and settler historiographies, colonial regimes of difference, spectacle and narrative, and political histories of resistance in settler nations, afterlife of historical colonialism, forms of power and representation in the context of urban marginalization (drug use, sex work, health, and violence)
Rosenblum, Daisy multi-modal documentation and description of indigenous languages of North America, with an emphasis on methods, partnerships, and products that contribute to community-based language revitalization
Rowley, Susan Anthropology, n.e.c.; repatriation; museums; material culture; Cultural Heritage; arctic archaeology; heritage management
Shneiderman, Sara Social and cultural anthropology; Indigenous issues; Disaster response and preparedness
Speller, Camilla Archeological Data Analysis; Molecular Genetics; Bioarchaeology; Ancient DNA Analysis (paleogenetics); Ancient proteins (paleoproteomics); Environmental Archaeology; Marine Ecosystems; Animal Domestication
Turin, Mark Cultural Institutions (Museums, Libraries, etc.); Lexicography and Dictionaries; Language Contact and Linguistic Changes; Language Rights and Policies; Language Interactions; Political Culture, Society and Ideology; Nepal; Tibet; Sikkim; Bhutan; First Nations; Bella Bella; Heiltsuk; Indigeneity
Weston, Darlene Archeological Data Analysis; Biological Anthropology; Bioarchaeology; Osteoarchaeology; Paleopathology; Paleodemography


Yujie Ji

Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (PhD)

Evan Koike

Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (PhD)

Hilal Kina

Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (PhD)