Division of Strategy and Business Economics

UBC's Strategy & Business Economics Division specializes in entrepreneurship, industrial organization, international business, urban land economics, and public policy. The Division was established in July 1999 through a merger of the Policy Analysis Division and the Urban Land Economics Division.

In support of its research activities, the Division conducts a very active workshop series and publishes working papers. Research in the Division relies strongly on formal analytical methods related to economics, including game theory, information theory, cost-benefit analysis, econometrics, and simulation.

Affiliated with our Division are the W. Maurice Young Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Research Centre, the Phelps Centre for the Study of Government and Business, and the Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate. The Division also hosts the annual UBC Summer Conference on Industrial Organization.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Alviarez, Vanessa International trade; Foreign direct investment; International finance
Antweiler, Werner high-tech businesses; innovation; international trade; exchange rates; currency unions; environmental economics; e-business; international environmental issues; trade and the environment; Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI); public policy and the economics of cannabis prohibition., International Trade and Business, Environmental Economics and Management, Energy and Electricity Economics, Applied Econometrics and Panel Data, Applied Empirical Finance, Prediction Markets
Brander, James international trade; government; economic policy; budgets; international and environmental economics, International trade policy, Renewable resource management, Venture capital finance and the entrepreneurial sector, The role of renewable resource management in economic growth and decline
Davidoff, Thomas Housing, Real Estate, Annuities, Mortgages
Fang, Limin
Head, C Keith Strategy/economics
Kikkawa, Ayumu
Lee, Sanghoon Urban economics; Real estate economics; Public economics; Labor economics; Industrial organization
Muzyka, Daniel Entrepreneurship; Project management; Strategic management
Orr, Patrick Scott
Parra Perez, Alvaro Innovation and Patent Policy; Industrial Organization; Microeconomic Theory; Applied Theory
Ries, John Economic Phenomena on a National or International Level, international trade, international business, applied microeconomics
Ross, Thomas competition policy, public-private partnerships, Strategy/economics, Regulation of competition policy
Somerville, Tsur Housing markets, Real estate development, Real estate finance, Affordable housing, Economics of cities
Vertinsky, Ilan Boris Forestry, international trade, natural resource economics, trade, forest policy, softwood lumber agrerement, cross-cultural management
Winter, Ralph competition policy, regulation, mergers, electricity, Competition policy, insurance markets, corporate finance