Division of Accounting and Information Systems

The Accounting and Information Systems (AIS) Division was formed in July 2017 as a merger between the Accounting Division and the Management Information Systems (MIS) Division. MIS is the study of the design, implementation, management, and use of information technology applications in organizations. Relatedly, Accounting is the study of external and internal financial reporting systems, and the auditing of those systems.

The research of the accounting faculty involves economic analyses of external and internal financial reporting, auditing, and taxation. The analyses are both theoretical and empirical. They consider questions such as:

  • The role of financial information in the formation of capital in the economy.
  • The role of financial reports in contracting with debt holders and management.
  • Factors influencing the timing and extent of management voluntary disclosures

The research methodologies used in the MIS faculty members include economics, empirical, design science, and computer simulation. They cover fields such as big data analytics, complex adaptive systems, e-commerce, human-computer interaction, information technology investment, information technology management, security and privacy, and systems analysis and design.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Cavusoglu, Hasan IT investment, information security, value of information technology, online product differentiation, information system security, Economics & sustainability, Management Information Systems
Cenfetelli, Ronald Timothy Human computer interaction, E-Business, IT-mediated customer service, Negative aspects of technology, Structural equation modeling, Survey research techniques, Multi-level modeling
Chamberlain, Sandra Accounting and the economics of, Valuation of publicly traded firms using accounting information, Accounting and contracting, Earnings quality, Accounting for Financial Institutions
D Adduzio, Jenna Voluntary and mandatory disclosures; Regulatory and standard setting issues; Disclosure materiality
Lee, Gene Economics and business administration; Management information systems; Applied Machine Learning; Business Analytics; Computer Science and Statistics; Cybersecurity; Information Systems; Mobile Ecosystem; Social Media Analysis; Text Mining
Li, J. Frank
Lo, Kin financial reports; financial disclosures; financial statements; accounting; stock options; executive compensation; auditing; stock valuation; securities regulation; tax planning; tax policy, Empirical research in financial accounting and reporting, Investigating the motives and effects of voluntary disclosures, The effects of alternative regulated reporting regimes, Refinement of accounting research methodology, Examining the role of accounting in equity valuation
Lundholm, Russell Financial statement analysis
Nan, Ning Economics and business administration; Management information systems; blockchain governance; complex adaptive systems; digital business; evolvable information systems; Information Systems; Management; online community
Swanson, David Finance; Economics of Regulation; Political Economics; SEC; Securities Litigation
Vijayaraghavan, Rajesh Accounting and risk management in financial institutions, Disclosure, Corporate governance and performance measurement, Corporate Finance, Applications of machine learning
Woo, Carson C Management information systems; Applications of block chain and artificial intelligence technology to business; Conceptual modeling; Information Systems; Information systems analysis and design; Philosophy of Design Science; Requirements engineering
Yan, Han Accounting; Financial economics; Banking; Climate Finance; Voluntary Disclosure; Earnings Quality; Reduced Form and Structural Estimation
Yeung, Ira Voluntary Disclosure; Information Quality; Financial Institutions
Zhang, Jenny Li Accounting; Economics and business administration; Management information systems; Finance and Accounting; Financial reporting, corporate disclosure, restatements, pension
Zheng, Xin SEC Enforcement, Securities Litigation, Auditing, Fraud, Regulation, Financial Reporting
Zhou, Mi Management information systems; Economics of Digitization; Digital Media Products; Digital Marketing; Omnichannel Customer Behavior

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