Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at UBC is one of the very strongest mathematics departments in Canada. Our international reputation for excellence is not only well-established, but also rising during this exciting expansion period of our research and training programs.

Research interests in the department cover a strikingly broad array of areas, with our recent department review citing an excellent balance of pure and applied mathematics. The areas include Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Asymptotic Analysis, Combinatorics, Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems, Fluid Mechanics, Geometric Topology, Graph Theory, Harmonic Analysis, Industrial Applied Mathematics, Information Theory, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Finance, Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Physics, Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, Optimization, Partial Differential Equations, and Probability Theory. Faculty, postdocs, visitors, grad students, and undergraduates all contribute to the vibrant research community in UBC math.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Tsai, Tai-Peng Differential equations and integral equations in pure mathematics; Partial Differential Equations; Mathematical physics
van Willigenburg, Stephanie Combinatorics and discrete mathematics; algebraic combinatorics; Coxeter group; quasisymmetric function; Schur functions and generalizations; chromatic symmetric function
Vatsal, Vinayak Canonical periods, congruence formula, elliptic curve, Iwasawa invariants, Heegner points, L-functions
Wachs, Anthony Fluidization and fluid mechanics; Process control and simulation in chemical engineering; Numerical computation; Fluid mechanics; Particle-laden flows; Non Newtonian flows; Heat and mass transfer; Numerical simulation; High performance computing; Multi-scale modelling
Ward, Michael Jeffrey Applied analysis, singular perturbations, reaction-diffusion theory, mathematical modeling and scientific compution, nonlinear dynamics and applied partial differential equations
Watson, Liam Topology; Low-dimensional topology; Khovanov homology; Heegaard Floer homology
Wei, Juncheng Differential equations and integral equations in pure mathematics; Partial and ordinary differential equations; Mathematics; Geometric analysis; Mathematical biology; Nonlinear partial differential equations; reaction-diffusion systems; singular perturbations and concentration phenomena; singularity formations in fluids; Nonlinear Analysis
Wetton, Brian Scientific computing, fluid mechanics
Williams, Ben Topology; Algebra; Algebraic topology; Motivic homotopy theory; A1 homotopy theory
Yavicoli, Alexia fractal geometry
Yilmaz, Ozgur Mathematical problems related to analog-to-digital conversion, blind source separation, sparse approximations and compressed sensing, and applications in seismic signal processing
Zahl, Joshua Combinatorics and discrete mathematics; Lie groups, harmonic and Fourier analysis; Harmonic Analysis; Combinatorics; Discrete and Combinatorial Geometry



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