Finding a Supervisor

Supervisors are faculty members who mentor graduate students in their research. Many research-based graduate programs expect students to identify a prospective supervisor prior to applying for admission. It is best to check with the graduate program you will be applying to, to find out if this is expected. If so, you will need to identify a potential supervisor in your desired field of research.

As a comprehensive university with more than 12,000 faculty and staff members, including over 2,000 potential supervisors, there is a high probability that UBC will have a supervisor for your research interests.

Supervisor Search

Here are some tips for finding a prospective supervisor at UBC Vancouver:

When investigating prospective supervisors, follow these guidelines:

  1. First, view their profiles online and read a couple of their publications to familiarize yourself with their work.
  2. Write a brief email to them indicating your awareness of their research and how it fits with your interests (be specific, refer to their publications).
  3. Let them know your intention to apply to their graduate program & interest in working with them.
  4. Tell them a couple of strong points about your background and who you’ve worked with on research projects.
  5. Ask if it is OK to refer to them as a prospective supervisor in your application.

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