Transfer from Master's to Doctoral Programs without Completing Master's Requirements


Form: Transfer from Master's to Doctoral Graduate Program

Students may be eligible to transfer from a master’s program into a related doctoral program ("fast track") if they have  completed the following requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree, and have completed a minimum of one year of study in a master's program with 9 credits at the 500-level or above and of first class standing (80% or better).
  • Students entering the doctoral program after partial completion of the master’s degree must, during the first two years of study at the graduate level, complete a total of 12 credits with a first-class average (of which at least 9 credits must be at the 500-level or above and at least 9 credits must be of first-class standing) to maintain registration as a doctoral student.


  • (for Ph.D.) clear evidence of research ability or potential;
  • (for Ed.D.) first class standing and first class standing in such prerequisite work as may have been required, and five years professional experience; or
  • (for D.M.A.) outstanding ability in performance or composition.

Transfer directly into a doctoral program is normally accomplished after completion of the first year of study at the master's level and will not be permitted after completion of the second year. Transfers may not be retroactive.

Additional Information

Students must be in good academic and financial standing.

If a student transfers from a master’s program to a doctoral program without completing the master’s degree, the start of the doctoral program will be the date of first registration in the master’s program. The student is expected to complete all requirements for candidacy by the end of three years from the date of first registration in the master's program.