Alternative Format Courses and Programs


In addition to being offered by regular means, graduate courses and programs may be made available to students through a range of alternative or non-traditional formats. These alternative formats may include the use of off-campus teaching, distance education, the internet, and the introduction of courses and programs which rely upon shared resources between UBC and other universities. All alternative-format courses and programs must meet regular UBC academic standards and approvals. In addition, they must be consistent with UBC administrative practice as regards courses and program components and programs.

Alternative Format Programs

UBC programs designed primarily to serve off-campus students (whether delivered through traditional classroom methods off campus or by other means) must be consistent with section 14.2 and the Western Canadian Deans of Graduate Studies Guidelines for the distance Delivery of Graduate Programs.

Programs shared between UBC and other universities or institutions must be consistent with the policies on Shared University Graduate Programs, policies on New Graduate Program Proposals and any relevant multilateral agreements including the Western Canadian Deans of Graduate Studies Guidelines for the Distance Delivery of Graduate Programs, the Western Deans' Agreement, and the Graduate Exchange Agreement.